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It’s over

Tim Tszyu KO in the 9th

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Done, KO in the 9th. Props to Harrison, he took a lot of heavy hits before he went dow. Tough man

Brutal. Destroyed him. Such a patient fight.

Surprised it got to knock down. Wasn’t defending himself at all in the end. Ref needed to step in

Corner wasn’t paying attention either to be fair

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Uppercuts look like they hurt…

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Missed my prediction by a round. Start of the fight said Harrison would use his reach to jab, but Tszyu would wear him down for a ko in the 8th. Missed it by one. Would have been interesting to see the cards. Reckon Harrison threw more punches total, Tszyu just hits harder. Charlo waffling on about how good he is. Gonna be interesting to see how that one goes.

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Was a great performance by Tim. Once he rocked Harrison in the 3rd it was only a matter of time. There were times in the 5th and 6th he looked gone, the eyes were glazing over and he was wobbly on the feet, but full credit to him for lasting as long as he did.

I wasn’t sure how T Tzsyu would cope with an experienced and classy opponent Like T Harrison because he hasn’t before today but that was a terrific performance. Tzsyu controlled the Tempo of the contest and the ring positioning pretty much from the outset. Now, I’m not comparing T Tzsyu to the great Canelo Alvarez but they do have some similarities in particular, once they have gauged that an opponent doesn’t have the capacity to hurt them, they occupy the hitting zone with impunity and batter their opponent into submission. Tzsyu worked out in Rnd 1 that Harrison couldn’t hurt him so he conceded range to Harrison’s jab in exchange for convenient access to Harrison’s head and mid-section.

And on a side note, T Harrison wore 10x blows too many at the end. The Ref should have ended it sooner and/or Harrison’s corner should have intervened. The bloke doesn’t have to hit the ground to know he’d had enough.


Tim has about the quickest hands that I have ever seen in an Australian boxer. His left hook is just dynamite.

I agree about the end of the fight. It was sickening to watch. I would be very surprised if Harrison hasn’t suffered some permanent damage from that bashing.

I had the misfortune to see the end of that fight. I am absolutely not a boxing fan, but I guess they are free to play a disgusting “sport” if they really want to. I could tell that bloke was gone, as soon as his guard dropped.
Goneski, farked, game over man.

Yet the ref let through at least 3 more hits to the head before stopping the fight.

I know some people who pay to see these fights want to see a bloke thrashed in the ring and it gives them a thrill, but that was disgusting.

I always thought Tony Mundine had the quickest hands but Tim is very close.

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Little brother Nikita is showing a lot of improvement too.

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Very astute commentary from Shawn Porter about Tim’s right hand, can throw it from nowhere.

I did not like it either.

The problem with boxing is the higher the stakes, the more they let it go. The thought is that a champion like T Harrison gets the benefit of the doubt because he’s displayed champion qualities in the past. Officials are reluctant to call it off just in case he can recover. There are several things to consider when deciding if one of the combatants has had enough and two in particular are 1) Is he defending himself and 2) Is he fighting back. Defending yourself can mean a few things too but an injured boxer will try to tie up his opponent as a way to buy time and to not get hit. It shows that although hurt, you still have your wits about you. T Harrison was not only not attempting to tie Tzsyu up but he wasn’t even guarding himself let alone attempting to strike Tzsyu. He was literally out on his feet and the bout should have been stopped at that point regardless of what was at stake. I doubt we will see T Harrison compete again and I would be surprised if that hammering doesn’t impart some long term injury upon him.


And the other thing as well is you can’t ‘play’ boxing. You play football, cricket, cards, the fool but boxing like MMA and other similar combat sports, is for real.

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Agree with everything you said their Diggers. As I said, I thought both the ref and the corner should have stopped the fight before those last 3 thunderbolts from Tim. Harrison was done at that point in time. I hold the corner even more responsible than the ref, their sole job is the welfare of their boxer, the ref has multiple roles.

Edit: Massive apologies Diggers, I was only half concentrating and put the wrong poster in. Changing now

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I agree and T Harrison’s brother was Head Trainer. All three of Harrison’s previous losses had come by way of KO and not once did he look like recovering sufficiently to continue let alone be half a chance. His corner know him better than anyone and they really let him down yesterday. The sound of Tzsyu’s blows made me wince all the way over here in Perth, imagine what it sounded like ringside? T Tzsyu did exactly what he was supposed to do in that situation and that’s why Harrison’s corner should have stopped it earlier.

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Contrast that to what unfolded with Leigh Wood v Lara a few weeks ago.
Wood was well ahead in the fight but copped a brutal left hook with about 15 seconds left in the seventh. He just beat the count and appeared ok to continue but his corner threw in the towel.
Wood probably avoided more punishment to the head and now gets a genuine chance to get his belt back in the rematch in June.