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Good observation and the flak L Wood’s corner received for calling it off was out of order in my opinion. Lara is a vicious finisher and although L Wood was up on most cards at the time of the stoppage, he wasn’t getting out of this regardless that the end of the round was only a few seconds away. One minute’s break was only going to delay the inevitable.

As a fan of the Mighty Boosh I enjoyed learning of the existence of this other Tony Harrison

“We are havin it laaaarge”


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In a bit of an upset, Zhilei ‘Big Bang’ Zhang stopped Joe Joyce in the 6th round to claim the WBO Interim World Heavyweight Title. The previously undefeated Joyce was expected to prevail in a tough contest against Zhang but Zhang’s southpaw stance posed questions that Joyce couldn’t answer with the referee intervening in the 6th round to end the bout after Joyce’s left eye closed completely. This result puts Zhang in discussions for a potential bout with the likes of D Wilder or A Joshua given the potentially enormous Chinese PPV audience Zhang brings.


Watching the second part of the Ali doco on SBS attm. I was already aware, but it reinforces the disgraceful nature of what the sport ultimately did to him- and allowed Ali to do to himself.

When Larry Holmes still sheds a tear decades later over the literal beating he handed Ali in that fight, you know it’s a horror story. And then they still let him go again , with Berbick.

It’s fascinating - and terrifying - to see the progression of interviews through his career, and the complete disintegration of his fluency and spontaneity of speech well before Holmes and Berbick bludgeoned him into retirement.

An unbelievable champion and athlete, and an unbelievable tragedy in some ways. Perhaps you couldn’t have either without both.

As one of the journo’s said, we wanted him to be what he was, and we all feel some guilt about it.

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In fairness to the American authorities, they wouldn’t grant Ali a licence to compete in all 50 states but the Bahamas thought it was ok so allowed the Berbick bout to be staged over there.

Trevor Berbick wasn’t as sentimental as L Holmes and beat the sh*t out of Ali for 10-rounds. Don’t google it. It’s like watching a 30 minute assault on a defenceless person.

There were lots of reasons why Ali kept competing after Spinks II but those around him at the time share equal burden of responsibility for his continuing. Some made a stand, his long time Doctor, Ferdie Pacheco refused to work with him for the Holmes and Berbick bouts and Howard Cossell, the great 60’s and 70’s boxing commentator/journalist (you’d know the voice when you hear it) stopped working Ali bouts after Holmes and turned his back on boxing after seeing how Ali’s handlers tried to set up up bouts AFTER the Berbick disgrace.

Then and now, Heavyweight boxing still produces some of the highest, if not the highest individual paydays for an athlete for a single event but no other athletes pay a higher individual price than them.


Yeah, insane.

It was mentioned in the doco that he technically failed the medical heading into Holmes - the docs were concerned with speech difficulties, memory problems , co-ordination - but they (the Athletic Board?) accepted his reasoning that he was just tired that day and granted him clearance to fight!

Don farking King.


In the biggest non-title bout I can recall, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis stopped 'King’Ryan Garcia by way of 7th round technical knockout yesterday in Las Vegas.

Garcia started well and took the opening round but was dropped in round 2 by a perfectly timed counter when going after Davis. Garcia recovered well but was less aggressive over rounds 3-6 which allowed Davis to gain the ascendancy. Garcia was getting the better of round 7 when Davis landed a perfectly located liver shot which forced Garcia back initially but then to take a knee several seconds later to which he didn’t recover from.

Garcia should be applauded for seeking out Davis and risking his (previously) unblemished record because this happens rarely even in title bouts, let alone non-title contests. There has been a trend over recent years where top contenders look to protect their records rather than testing themselves against the best in their weight class (Terrance Crawford and Errol Spence we’re looking at looking at you). R Garcia will be better for it and will ultimately gain more respect from the audience and his peers for testing himself against the best rather than padding out a record against second level competition.

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If there was a player I didn’t think would turn his hand to boxing after footy… Bellchambers may have been it.

Takes on Cam Mooney tonight.

Looks to be in ripping nick…

Bellcho knocks out Cam Mooney. Not sure the style is going to worry professional boxers…

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woof woof

Any word on how the dog is going?

Was it a Shih Tszyu?


You know, when Tim recovers, and it will be sooner rather than later, he’s going to demand an explanation from you about that comment.

:grimacing:… will he aKostya me?!!


Impressive first round KO by Liam Talivaa- looks promising.

Goodman looking the goods in his bout with Aleem.

Credit to Aleem, he’s got a good chin

Goodman wins split decision. 117-111, 116-112, 116-112. Not really controversial, even the American commentators leaned towards Goodman scoring him 115-113.

Not sure what fight the Japanese judge was watching. American comm had it about right from what i seen.

Tim up next, think this will go the distance also.

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Ocampo could be in trouble if he tries to walk Tszyu down. Tim’s best punch is his body shot, closing the distance on him just gives him more opportunity to throw it.

Wow, what a start

Tszyu is an absolute ■■■■■■■ monster


WOW!! Timmy first round KO

Bring on Charlo, that was very impressive