Bunnings go ape


That’s not from Bunnings, it’s a generic file photo, you nerk.


Not quite the Latham ‘handshake’ moment but not far off.

I trust Bill’s minders have informed him on the correct way to consume common people food before the next election.

Probably drinks beer through a straw, too.


They seem inordinately fond of a sausage between the buns over there.


Except it’s not.
There’s heaps of photos of West Aussies doin the Sausage at the Polls, … all in FKN Bread!

That one is of Folks Voting in Nannup.

Buns, phhfft, … you had us going for a bit, … but now, you’re busted.

Why you are trying to convince everyone here that West Aussies are a bunch of knuckle dragging Sausage challenged numpties is the real question??


I’ll check my sources.

I suspect there will be no changes here tomorrow morning at Bunnings.


I think the plural version you’re implying there is fairly universal.


We will never meet the standard set by you onion spillers over there. The bar… too… high…


Except, that it is.

You actually think The Guardian sent a photographer across the country to take a picture of some boob eating a sausage on stale bread?

There were more brains in that spilled onion than there is between your ears.


You actually don’t know that people can take HQ images on their Phones even and send them via this thing called the Internet across the World in milliseconds for Publishing??

I knew you guys were a bit behind, … but fark, … that is slower than the EFC midfield circa 2015.


West Australians are the wurst.


Senior Poliitical Editor: “Hey Robbo, we’re doing a story on a Western Australian backwater and I need a photo of some local yoke eating a sausage on a piece of bread. Know anyone over there who can take a photo on site”

Robbo: “Just get one on line you farking idiot. Jesus Christ mate, you’re as thick as that ■■■■■■■■ who spilled his onions”

Senior Political Editor: “Thanks, Robbo”.


from wikipedia:

Australia and New Zealand[edit]

In Australia and New Zealand, a variety is frequently sold at school fetes and other fundraising activities. The sausage is cooked on a barbecue grill in an outdoor area and served with grilled onions on a single, folded slice of bread with tomato or barbecue sauce. The activity is commonly known as a “sausage sizzle”. As well as fetes, fundraisers and markets, in recent years it has become common for “sausage sizzles” to be regularly held outside major retailers on weekends (often for charitable causes) such as Bunnings, The Warehouse or Harvey Norman. In the majority of states of Australia, such as New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania, the sausages sold in a single piece of bread at a sausage sizzle are known as ‘sausage sandwiches’. However, elsewhere, such as Victoria and South Australia, these are known as ‘sausage in bread’ and a sausage sandwich refers to a sandwich made with two slices of bread, a chopped up sausage (often cold), and tomato sauce or chutney.[2]


Can we ban diggers?
He’s lost it. I think the commencement of Sydney’s decline is affecting him


You know, if you disappeared tomorrow, no one would notice.


That’s deep.

Can one ever notice a disappearance?


I mean, it’s kinda the point…


That’s right. No one would notice.


How does a man exhibit such wisdom in one area and yet be so utterly without knowledge in matters of the sausage?


It’s no wonder so many WA residents don’t know ther first thing about sausage sizzles. Sausage sizzles are a peculiarly Australian invention — and 90% of WA residents aren’t Australian. They’re recent immigrants from England and Seth Effrika.


They need to put the ladder underneath the sausage.