Bunnings go ape


I reckon he’s bullshitting.
WOB, … can you confirm or deny that West Aussies are so fuking inept when it comes to Sausage eating, that they actually need it encased in an entire fking bun to keep from getting themselves into trouble pls??

Ta. @westozziebomber


I take that it was chocolate brown


Lol. Says an inhabitant from the land of the onion spillers.


How much are you knuckleheads being charged for your wrinkled sausage on stale bread?

In fact, don’t answer. They should be paying you.


We normally don’t suffer spilled Onion syndrome here.

This only became an Issue because some visiting Westerner struggled with the oh so enormously difficult task of fkn “eating”, and then went titz up.


How much do you get charged for putting your wrinkled sausage on stale bread


Aka - doing a Ben Cousins


if he was from WA, he would have told the sausage-keep to put it in a bun like a normal human being or jam it up his oniony backside.


That’s a strange question.


It needs to be said.
Sausages in hot dog rolls are unAustralian.
WAxit, baby, WAxit.


Told you he was Full Of Shitt.

You’re Full Of Shitt Diggers. Now STFU.


It will be the catalyst.

Australia’s good name cannot be besmirched with this abhorrent, and frankly perverse Western behaviour.




ABC reporting that slip up in Bunnings helped nail terrorist.


Wonder how long it took them to hammer out that story?


More proof that if we accept this infringement on our onion rights, then the terrorists have won.


That’s called the ‘Eastern States Method’.


Well, it helped the cops to ketchup with them.


Mustard done


People do strange things when presented with sausage in the ■■■■■■ up western style.