Bunnings go ape


Reading this I am constantly thinking of,

Few slices short of a loaf.


Where’s clubsanger when you need him?


Swipe screen > keypad
Bun > stale slice of bread

Don’t be like Nokia.


You need help on how to make a sandwich now as well?



Why would you eat sandwiches if all your bread is stale?
Peanut butter in a hot dog role…oh, the humanity.


Look, change can be difficult and a challenge for some. You’ll get it once you accept that there is a better way. That you don’t have to spill your onions. That there is a way to not only contain your sausage, but also have the choice to put the onions anywhere you like without fear of hurting yourselves. On top of the sausage or underneath. You choose. You can even add tomato sauce and mustard without risk. Don’t be scared of change. Don’t be like Nokia.


I’m not taking advice from someone who doesn’t understand the concept of fresh bread.
I mean, I sympathise, but still.


Wait, are you thinking of damper?
I mean the old fashioned sort that you had to drizzle golden syrup on because it was so dry?
Bread making has moved on a little over here since the 19th century.


Think I’m going to buy something from apple tonight, going to go into the apple store around 8:55, just becuase I live in Victoria and I can.


Yes, but you can’t go the ummm…
…the Red Bull airplane thing.
Do they still have that?
It’s cute that they’re still impressed by flying machines.


A lot of you are too old to change. You’re too far gone but don’t let your biases deny your children the opportunity to experience a sausage sizzle in the way that it was intended. When the next chance presents, ask the children how they would prefer their sausage to be delivered. And when they say “of course I want it in a bun you moron”, don’t take rain your anger down upon them but see it as a changing of the guard, that your time has come and gone. And if you can’t bring yourself to embrace change then at least get the Hell out of the way of those who want to see the benefits that change will bring. That’s the least you can do.


Nah, we killed a pilot so it quietly went away.


Post of the year


Ever since we got bread home delivered, l have always regarded buns as a little bit special. Bread is my staple, but a bun is a whole meal in and of itself. Buns have something that sliced bread sadly lacks, (unless you are fortunate enough to get the end of the loaf), and that is a decent amount of crispy, crunchy crust. Given the choice l will opt for a decent bun every time (the more wholemeal, the better). To add to the controversy, onions deserve and need to go on top. Sauce is optional.


Jeebus some of you lot have gone wrong.


“Crust and sausage”…

Mmmmmm, delightful.


I am a sandgroping bun lover but the idea of sausage in slice bread intrigues me.


I can confirm it’s also very easy to find bread that isn’t stale


Be on the lookout for these shenanigans.

image https://i.imgur.com/pAiIMmz_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium


This has made it to London. They don’t like Bunnings here, and with the millions they lost trying to break into the UK market, I’d say the feeling’s mutual