Bunnings go ape


Always HP for me if available


I don’t like BBQ sauce, but I do like (good sausages) with mustard (any mustard) rather than sauce.


Fark Bunnings. Corporate raiders. Bring back McEwans.


This post still makes me laugh a few days later.


I don’t understand this attitude about Bunnings, … which I hear occasionally, most recently I believe, in Dingus’ angry posts.

Why are they hated by some? They are an Aussie company, … always have been.

Bunnings Warehouse, is an international household hardware chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia & New Zealand. Bunnings was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1887 by 2 Brothers


I will never forget some of the absolute junk that I’ve bought from bummings. My favourite were a pair of gardening gloves that I used once and the stitching fell apart. Had put them aside to use awhile back so didn’t have the receipt. And it was a pair of gardening gloves ffs…


Who owns them now?

And how many small businesses have they destroyed?

■■■■ Bunnings.


In brunswick they have vegan sausages. Even smell disgusting


It’s true though!!!

How much sauce you getting on your sausage if it’s not diagonal? It’s heaps less. And then when you’re eating it goes…sausage without sauce, sausage with sauce and bread, sausage without sauce. (± onions)

Diagonal gives you every bite, fully loaded.

I don’t want to derail the thread, because I know this is controversial…so you buy a sausage on the way IN or the way OUT?


Yeah well, … Mitre 10 were doing the same to Hardware SB’s long before Bunnings came along, … and you could say exactly the same for Safeway/Woolies, Coles,… K Mart, McDonalds and KFC, Ikea, MYER, David Jones,… … the list never ends, . it’s been going on for literally Centuries.

Why are Bunnings singled out? At least It’s an Aussie founded, and Owned Corp and the bucks aren’t siphoned overseas, … or Tax dodged like Apple Google and the rest of those Tech company prickz.


Their practise of putting stores opposite locally owned shops. stooging their supply chain. Price match guarantees, that they use every excuse under the sun to squirm out of.

They’re standard corporate ■■■■■.


Costs a lot to get the sausage “on the way out” aka German style. Real niche market. And there’s always ■■■■■■ corn with it.


Like I said, , it was Mitre 10 that wiped out all other small Hardware stores first, . … down here at least,… but at the time it happened, I heard they were doing it in all Country areas.

Capeview Mitre 10 TBE, … if they couldn’t buy them out, they undercut and bullied them out until they were the only ones right throughout Sth Gippsland with ZERO competition until Bunnings rocked in, … and they have been a Godsend to all the Tradies at least in providing that competition, and forcing Capeview to stop ripping every man and his dog off blind.


Masters used to be an alternative but now there’s noone to compete with them


Bunnings is great for completely hopeless people like myself. I should get around to doing that thing, but I need to get x to do it. Oh x is like 20 bucks at Bunnings. Who cares if it breaks, odds are I’ll never use it again.


Masters was nothing but a waste of money. Tradies hated the joint and they build opposite every Bunnings. Cost Woolworths billions.

Was never going to work.


And an American Company essentially, meaning a fair swag of profits left the Country.




Lol, good point.

I seem to have left out the “Would have” bit there …


Mitre 10 are franchises, aren’t they?

Bunnings went out and smashed Thrifty link, home, mcewans and mitre 10, plus all the actual independents. I feel they’re going to test out monopoly laws pretty soon.