Bunnings go ape


They’re already a monopoly - there’s zero competition.


Not quite.
But close.


I think so, … but not like they were. Bought out by Metcash a while back and started opening “MEGA” stores, exactly the same as Bunnings.


Bunnings is more for your weekend warrior types. I know very few real tradies who shop there


Tons of tradies shop there.


A lot of us down here did initially, … (and plenty still do) then Mitre 10, (where everyone HAD to go beforehand) had to stop profiteering after losing it’s Monopoly, and woo us all back with more competitive pricing, and a big uptick in service quality too because they were getting smashed.

Overall, Bunnings has been a real positive for everyone down here, … also employing about a hundred people, and thereby injecting roughly $5 -6 million into the local economy every year.


Most tradies I know get most of their stuff elsewhere (the smaller chains and independents will generally beat them on price for quoted job lots, it’s their bread and butter), but still end up getting stuff from Bunnings when they have to. Cos there’s almost always one around the corner.


I know hardly any over here who do. Most I know tend to go to specific trade orientated stores like Reece, Tradelink, L&H, Rexel etc


I suppose it can depend on the scale of a job. If you’re doing a job that requires a bit of electrical, some plumbing, plaster, timber, nails, screws, concrete and paint, Bunnings is the place to go.


We hit Reece for plumbing stuff, and RBP for electrical here too, … and mostly I use Van Steensels at Grantville for timber, as I have done for 30 years, … as do plenty of others. Also now 4 different joints to choose for Plasterboard etc.

So it seems they haven’t really knocked everyone else out of the game and killed all local family businesses. :thinking:

And all those places offer way more competitive prices now since Bunnings arrival, … which translates into lower quotes from competing Builders etc, … so therefore becomes significant savings for the clients, … which. - it could be argued. - gives them more money to spend in other shops and businesses, giving even more boost to local owners and the economy.


when costs go down, profit margins increases. it never results in consumer savings unless the operator has a hidden agenda.


I for one welcome our new nanny state rules about where the onions go.

Seriously. Anyone complaining about this is part of the reason we can’t have nice things. ■■■■■■■ throw themselves on the floor and scream when the slightest change is made to something.


They say there’s 2 things you can be sure of in Life, . “Death & Taxes”

I’d say it’s 4, “Death, Taxes, Progress, & Ignorance”


funny thread turns serious. i love this damn website.


Bunnings need to introduce the German Currywurst.



How can you slip on an onion? And who the ■■■■ would sook about it?


Hmm, . :thinking:

Banana skins might raise a demarcation dispute with the Fruit & Veg Union, … ?


A super sh/tty Bunnings BBQ sausage on super sh/tty white bread with loads of onions and super sh/tty tomato sauce is actually the greatest food in the world AND IF YOU DISAGREE I DONT WANNA KNOW YOU YA CARNTS


I always thought it was just in the cartoons that happened, so one day I decided to try it out.

Turns out it’s not just in the cartoons


I’ve seen people slip on banana peels. There’s less silly sounds than in the cartoons, but aside from that it’s pretty effective