Bunnings go ape


Grapes are the worst. Followed closely by spinach leaves.


You’ve done extensive research into this area?


Wet thongs on a SuperMarket floor will get you every time.

Jeezuz I’ve had some NDE’s walking into one out of the rain.


Yes, I have slipped on them before



How about you dorks use proper hotdog buns instead of ripping off the punters with a slice of stale white bread?


A sausage in a hot dog bun may be safe, but that’s not what sausages are for.


The real scandal is the sausage housing. Is using a slice of bread instead of a built for purpose bun a regional quirk or standard practice? Because if it’s standard practice than you people are getting shafted.


Stale white bread should only be used if you’re a) out of hotdog buns and b) you’re facing a real threat of a punter’s revolt if they can see you have sausages left over, but no housing.

Sliced bread should never, never be used in the first instance.


Please provide an update on WAXIT.


Well, la-de-friggin’-da.


Hot Dog buns are for Hot Dogs only. A slice of white bread is the proper Australian method, none of this seppo stuff.


Buns don’t work. The bread holds the sausage, and allows the predominant taste to be the sausage. If you put a thin BBQ sausage in a mega roll all you can taste is bread.


Disappointed @Diggers … a hot dog bun would risky destroy the sausage to bread ratio. You need a higher ratio for a hot dog because the meat tastes terrible. The slice of bread in a sausage sizzle is little more than insulation so you don’t burn your hand.


It’s unlike Diggers to have a weirdly contrary and wrong view about something


Are we talking beef or pork sausages?

Has to be pork surely


The sausages you get at Bunnings would be classified as ‘BBQ Beef’. Which means they’re made up of 1% beef, 49% possum off cuts and 50% sawdust


What is the gristle content?


Off the charts.


Ohh, silly silly Diggers.

The use of bread limits the amount of “Filler” in the exercise, allowing you to enjoy MORE Sausages and Onions, which is the whole point of it.

I suppose Swan supporters were never really known to be the brightest of the bunch, but I thought that one would be fairly obvious even to a Fark Carlton or Toofless Floggingwood type. :smirk: