Bunnings go ape


and …THIS^


If you can’t taste the sausage through the bun then quite frankly, your taste buds are rooted.


Not only do you boobs not know how to do a sausage in a bun, what’s the bet you eat them sideways as well?


You do get that Bunnings sausages are for charity, right Diggers?
Hot dog buns are two bucks for six.


No wonder you’re tripping over on onions. Probably tried to eat it upside down.


We ran a Bunnings style hotdog stall recently. Cost per hotdog was .39c, bun, sausage, condiment and onions included. Sold @$3 each.




Try putting a sausage on a piece of stale bread over here and you’d get your bbq toppled over.


Buns are for hotdogs you western australian heathen.

Sausages are housed in fresh, soft, white bread.


Punters thought so. None of that stale white bread business you lot are accustomed too.



Still ripping off the punters with the “mining boom” myth…


Why does he keep saying stale??

Fake news?


Not if you know what you’re doing they’re not.


Good value at $3. Could have changed more.


Stale and white.


You’re weird.


Lol. We could call the a “Diggers”

stale and white


If you like what the West Australians do so much, why don’t you buy a membership to the Eagles and go to all of their games, to keep you busy instead of posting in here :smile:


That’s as nice you could possibly put it too.


Not sure how you all managed to deviate from what is right and good but it’s not too late to get your act together. Remember, some nincompoop lost his onions over there, not here because we know how to construct a sausage in a bun.