Celebrity Deaths 2017


In your defence (not) he was considered for the roles of both the first and third Doctor, eventually appeared in a fourth Doctor story, and did some audio stories more recently as a Doctor.



Maybe not a celeb in the traditional sense, but Mark Colvin's death should probably be noted. Ridiculously good journalist and the best radio voice I have ever ever heard.


Agreed. PM will never be the same.


He did well. Looked almost that old to me when I used to watch him back in the 70s.


Fair call


Foreign Correspondent doing a special tomorrow.


Just on the whole death & aging, .. is this the place for some positive stories in that vein??

Saw a fella on the news tonight that just did a parachute jump from 10K feet to mark his 101st Birthday.

D Day vet he is, and this is the 2nd time he's jumped recently, .. he first did it to mark his 100th year on the planet 12 months ago.

Didn't look a day over 70, and was as lucid as I am, .. maybe moreso atm after the weekend :wink:

Wonder what his secret is ...


Doesn't follow Essendon.


It's probably not whatever I'm doing.


this is just unbelievable Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has passed away age 52.....so sad



This is totally ■■■■■■!!


An out and out music star


Freaking hell. My favourite singer from that 90's grunge breakout.

Genuinely shocked at this one.

Vale to a genuine music icon of my youth.


Seems like someone notable is dying every day the last little while, but if true that Chris Cornell is dead then I'm shattered. Icon of rock, best voice ever. Seriously, I can't imagine him being gone.


Pretty much just Eddie left now from that amazing period of music


geez so much of my youth and 20's involved Chris's music.. gutted.


A few weeks ago, I was reading a very old article about the death of the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots... and it referred to his voice being the signature of a era, along with the lead singer of Alice in Chains, and a couple of others...Cornell's name was probably on there...


Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Layne Stanley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland all gone....please Eddie look after yourself