Celebrity Deaths 2017


FARK :cry:


Not to mention Shannon Hoon, (often forgotten but belongs firmly on the list for mine), who joined the 27 club long ago.

Mark Lanergan's still kicking too is he not?


Mark toured here last year


Amazingly, yes


Last time i saw him was BDO 2012, and shortly before that on the Song Book acoustic tour. Magical night.

Highlight was in a sweaty packed club in Brisbane in 1994, and THAT '94 BDO also.

Several BDO's and concerts in between.

All ■■■■■■■ fantastic.


I saw Soundgarden when they toured here about two years ago. Has always been one of my absolute favourite singers.



Suicide!? Unfathomable.

You just never never know, i guess.


Oh no. He didn't go all David Carradine and auto-e rotic asphyxiate?


Sounds like he took his own life the same night of their most recent gig. Reports of the gig at the time were that he looked tired and distracted. Forgetting words and hurrying up some of the songs. Sounds like he was in the jaws of the black dog and sadly didn't pull through it. Family apparently unaware anything was wrong.


Reports of that gig are quite varied.


The gig appears to be up on youtube. I'm going to give it a miss.


He played like he had died though.


Roger Moore.

Actor Sir Roger Moore dies aged 89

Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced.
He played the famous spy in seven Bond films including Live and Let Die and the Spy Who Loved Me.

This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.


"I think he's attempting a re-entry"

Vale Rog.


Most hilarious Bond scene of all time:


Sad news, but must say- he lived a life quite a few of us would love to.
My memories are of him as the only 007 I knew growing up in the 70's, (as well as in the Persuaders with Tony Curtis). Suave, urbane and most certainly an iconic actor.


I read an article about G Lazenby and why he didn't accept the offer to play Bond for a multi-movie deal. G Lazenby is quite an idiot.


And the worst Bond.


Sheesh all that and he wasn't even puffed.

RIP Roger.


dalton? Brosnan?