Celebrity Deaths 2017


Rocker J.Geils dead at 71. Here is my fave track of the band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUerubY76NM

Full story here.


RIP Erin Moran 56 - Joanie from Happy Days


Very sad. The show was a little before my time but it was often on after school when growing up. Great show with great characters.
Erin Moran grew up on the show but it seems that it was not too good for her as she battled drug issues like many Hollywood actors.


Grew up on HD, Erin was a great part of the cast. Sad that she had alcohol issues but not overly surprising in Hollywood.


I also did. I was born in 1972 and I think I saw every episode at least twice. Probably my favorite show growing up. The wonder years was also great a little later on.


Very sad. Happy Days was my favourite show. See ya, Joanie.


Unhappy days.

Amazing how life twists and turns. Apparently had recently been kicked out of her trailer park home.



HD was one of my favourites too. Always annoyed me that she ended up with the little prat Chachie. Sad ending.


Fame is a double-edged sword. Whilst she got paid for appearing on the show, she never received what could be considered fair compensation by today's standards for her work. The dh's from The Big Bang Theory rightly get millions per episode. Doesn't matter that it's sh*t, people watch and advertisers pay. She probably thought in 1984 at the end of Happy Days' run that work on other shows and movies would become available to her but it never materialised, apart from occasional roles which became more and more sporadic as the years went by. To make matters worse she then had to put up 30+ years of questions and approaches from strangers wanting their piece of 'Joanie'. It's a sh*t business.


Jonathon Demme. Won an Oscar for Best Director for Silence of the Lambs and also directed my favourite concert film, Stop Making Sense.


The 7:45 news this morning started with Anthony Hopkins' voice, which really made you think he was the dead one.


They shouldn't do that.


Also made Philadelphia and Something Wild. A quality director, probably should have gotten more work.


For the 90s trance kiddies:

Robert Miles has died at age 47.


Catweazel, dead at 93.

Not a bad innings


I take it you mean the Third Doctor?




Indeed, you didn't.
I was thinking of Worzel Gummidge, and a guy that died twenty years ago.
Getting old sucks.


I think you can be excused to an extent. I seem to recall Worzel Gummidge, Catweazel and possibly Doctor Who all being programmed in successive time slots in the 80s.


I think all the old people have had strokes.