Celebrity Deaths 2017


Saw a movie once where the main character was an obituary writer. Scene after scene of him updating the “ready to go” files so he could be first to publish.

Can’t remember any other details.

Cool story bro.


Mrs Wim wrote Graham Kennedy's (died 2005), Bert Newton's, a couple of others I can't remember, Ali, and Gough, maybe, in the 90's.


Was it an Asian film? I think I watched it in the wee hours a long time ago....


Bert Newton?





All I remember from it, is that it was pretty good. Ages ago.


Yeah, 10 years + I'd say.

Did it involve some kind of supernatural element, like, he'd write the obituary and then theyd die? Or am I just making that up.

I should make that up, sounds like just the kind of ■■■■ anglo remake of a japanese horror drama that teens would fork out dollars for.


Nah, I remember something like that also. Damn it. Now I'll have to go find the bloody thing!


Oh please do, .. we are all waiting with bated breath for the conclusion to this story ... :wink:


Big career, rather than sick.
Same as Kennedy (at the time).


You'll have to wait for the sequel. The script is in development.

For just $8000 you can have .2% of the merchandise income.


Watch The Dead Pool instead


Just watching this now. So great.

"The 100 metre world record is held... by Bryan".


I should probably get a badge for out-popculturing you.


“Hello… Dead Builder Proprietary Limited”

I forgot that one. Snorted.


You can quote me on this… SMJ has our complete support.


Reading paper...

"Soapie star fights bulimia. Smart money is probably on bulimia there".


Music died today

Just to give you an idea how the big band was in the early '80s -- the Eagles, U2 and Billy Joel all opened for J. Geils on the road.


F*ck! My blood runs cold...


My memory has just been sold jolted ...