Celebrity Deaths 2018


They do say it’s really good practice for our navy and coast guard rescue operations, but that French trollop did it more than once, and didn’t expect to pay for it.


It is good practice, but it is also ■■■■■■ dangerous depending on sea conditions. We get a lot of injuries when RHIB’s are bouncing around next to ships and boats in big seas and trying to recover the RHIB’s has resulted in a fair share of damage to heads and hands.


Can’t we just practice when we stop the boats?


She was more disliked than Alan Bond for a while over here.

What do they say? “once is bad luck, twice is just careless”

Seriously, if it went to a public vote, she’d still be out there somewhere.


She is


Mrs Garrett has passed on.
92 - decent innings.

Death is a Fact of Life.


Was her passing fairly run of the mill or did she have a different stroke?


I’d ask what you talkin’ about Dingus?
However I completely understand your question.


… ooooooooooooooh…



Was waiting for this. She hasn’t been well for some time.

Vale Aretha.


Sad news. Fantastic voice, very talented lady and by all reports as genuine and wonderful in real life.


aretha FRANKLIN!


A Franklin not involved in cocaine, how refreshing!


The Queen of Soul.
One of the greatest voices EVER.
RIP Aretha.




R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

I’ll say a little prayer for you.


At least let her body cool down before using her image to further your sleazy insinuations.