Celebrity Deaths 2018


Vale Spencer P. Jones, guitarist with a number of bands, most notably the Beasts of Bourbon and The Johnnys, who has died from liver cancer.


Did The Johnnys do a version of “You Think I’m Psycho Don’t You, Mama?”


They did live, but I don’t think they recorded one.


He is Melbourne’s rock’roll royalty.

He was a hard drinking man. Lived a life of Rock’n Roll. Continued to play small pubs and record stores most of his life.

I’m a huge Beasts of Burbon fan. He was the country-punk sound of Beasts of Burbon.

Henry Rollins always tells a story about the first Big Day out. Rollins performed with the Hardons on that show. But all the buzz was around Nirvana headlining the festival.

Beasts of Burbon played before Nirvana. Rollins said it is one of the greatest shows he’s ever seen… Nirvana looked completely mediocre coming on after Beasts.

They were a band that had a bee in their bonnet about the world. I’m sure they were sick of hearing about Nirvana, and put on one of the greatest rock shows they’ve had.


The Beasts of Bourbon certainly did, I’ve still got the 45. Farewell Spencer.

Also sad to hear that Chris Wilson is in a bad way with cancer - fundraiser at Cherry Bar I heard.


“I’m so happy for the existence of Australia,” Henry Rollins says. “Australia has made the wooden shelves of my record collection sag under the weight of the volume of records I bring back from your amazing country.”

This week it’s the swampy garage rockers Beasts Of Bourbon who get the very enthusiastic nod of approval from Mr Rollins.

"When I arrived in Australia – I washed up in Botany Bay in 1989, I believe – and Tim Pittman, my friend from then to now, I was crashing on his couch and he said ‘get up, we’re going to a show’. We staggered to a place down from his flat and we saw the Beasts Of Bourbon.

“That was when I first got to see the amazing Tex Perkins on stage and I also got to see Kim Salmon and I became a Beasts Of Bourbon fan immediately.”

Rollins recounts a particularly memorable experience seeing the band a couple of years later, when they played before Nirvana at the first ever Big Day Out in 1992.

“One hundred and fifty years ago when I was young, I was at the first Big Day Out at the Hordern Pavilion, watching some band called the Beasts Of Bourbon,” he begins.

"They went on stage with that great attitude that those guys have, they could care less, and they opened with ‘Chase The Dragon’ from their completely perfect album The Low Road. And they just killed it. They were like a punk rock Rolling Stones – 1974 era Stones – they were just complete and total genius bad-■■■■■.

"Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’d feel sorry for any band who had to go on afterwards. The unlucky band who had to go on after that was Nirvana. And you could see it on the faces of the band, they knew that there was no way they were going to be able to outshine the Beasts Of Bourbon.

“Nirvana was a great band and they were great that day. But game, set, match the Beasts Of Bourbon on that day in the Hordern Pavilion in 1991.”


Mirka Mora, aged 90.


Think her murals have been put back in the refurbished Tolarno


Oh, that’s sad news.


LMW did a project on her…
That’s all I have to contribute.


No mention of John McCain?

Great man. And with pretty much his final act, bans Trump from his funeral. Awesome


I think he’d like his 21-gun salute directed at Trump and his deplorable henchmen and henchwomen.


I blame @bobo.


Oh ■■■■. RIP Servalan.


RIP Burt Reynolds - 82

Should have won a Oscar for Boogie Nights


Yeah he was brilliant in that film.

Vale 'Hooper ’


One of my all time faves, was Burt. RIP



Turned down the role of Han Solo.


Wasn’t it Indiana Jones?