Celebrity Deaths 2018


Good thing he’s already been re-incarnated…


That too.


Definitely Han Solo.
Reckon he turned down the James Bond role aswell at one stage


Reckon it was Tom Selleck that was meant to be Indy


Da da dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…


It’s not immediately apparent which tune this is…


RIP Bert Burt


Yeah, mid to late 70’s, every suburban kid I knew wanted a black trans am…
Burt had a special kinda cool


But after a bit?




I’ll get back to you.


He should have transitioned into a full on action star in the 80’s but it didn’t happen for some reason. He was pretty good in Sharky’s Machine but the action roles dried up soon after. He could easily have been cast as John McClane in Die Hard or as Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon. Good career none the less.


Maybe the biggest Hollywood star in the world in the late 70’s, very wealthy too until Loni took it all

Long time wig wearer.


Massive talent lost.




No return of the Mac


There’s no le more.


RIP Major Healey


He was the preferred choice for the role, but could’t get a release from his Magnum P.I. contract at the time to play the role. A pity because he would have been good in the role.


Agree but we would have missed out on Harrison as Indy which is almost now legendary.