Celebrity Deaths 2018


As the timelessness of Alan Quartermaine will attest


Just found out that was someone else.
Carry on.


Hans Grimus from Mt Buller. Bit of legend in the alpine community.


Stayed Pensione Grimus first time I ever went skiing back in 1978.

Remember meeting him, and thought he was the local handyman as he was always hammering and building something.


He was always ‘fixing’ something. His hospitality was par excellence too. He really had a vision for Buller, and made it happen.


May not meet the classification of celebrity, but if you’ve ever done the “Sunday Night Singalong” (read: “drink too much Guinness and fall over”) at Port Fairy you’ll know Rick E. Vengeance who moved on this week.


Bob Jane.
Thought he was looking tyred.


Tread carefully.


He was losing his grip towards the end


Good to see you’re both aligned.


I think we’re being pretty balanced


His ego was rather over inflated


That last comment came out a bit flat.




Couldn’t handle the pressure. Like poor Bob.


JAMES CRUICKSHANK PASSED AWAY ON THIS DAY IN 2015 AGED 53…James Cruickshank (1962-2015) was an Australian musician and a former member of The Cruel Sea.Cruickshank was a member of the late 80s band Widdershins along with Barry Turnbull, Greg Appel, Juliet Ward and Peter Timmerman. They released one full length album before breaking up in 1989. Cruickshank and Ward then formed Juliet Hammerhead and Friends. He later went on to play with Neil Murray and the Rainmakers. He was a member of The Blackeyed Susans in 1991, appearing on their Anchor Me EP.Cruickshank joined The Cruel Sea in 1989 and was with them until their breakup, then reuniting with them to tour in 2008 and 2010. He continued playing with Cruel Sea band mate Tex Perkins. He was a member of Tex Perkins And His Ladyboyz and appeared on Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses’s selftitled album.Cruickshank released three solo albums through Vitamin, in 2003, 2007 and 2011, and toured nationally to support them.Cruickshank died on 8 October 2015 after a long battle with bowel cancer…R.I.P


Quentin Keenihan.

Probably only known to Adelaide types. Possibly known to fans of the most recent Mad Max movie.


I did read that he died “unexpectedly” at 43. However, this would have to be one of the most “expected” deaths of all time.


l remember this little guy well, and heard of this news yesterday. He had a strange condition where his bones were as brittle as chalk and he never grew beyond childhood. Brave guy.


Very sad.

I also remember Quentin. Watched a Mike Willesee interview with him as a kid. He had a great sense of humour.



Montserrat Caballé, 85yrs, died 3 days ago. One of the best operatic sopranos ever.