Celebrity Deaths 2018


Finger and Kane came up with one legacy that pi$sed on anything marvel or DC came up with.

I’ve got the bat signal tattooed on my right shoulder blade. Kids keep trying to wash it off.


You reckon he was the one pushing for them? Unlikely


Didn’t mind his cameos. No more of an issue than when Hitch did it. Didn’t create the super hero genre, but certainly took it way beyond the stodgy Superman franchise. RIP Stan, long live The Avengers!


I wasn’t onset or part of the script writing team so I really don’t know.


What are your thoughts on Worsfold’s coaching / our gameplan?


Thats Neeld to know basis only.


RIP to the legendary screenwriter William Goldman.

Responsible for Butch Cassidy, All the Presidents Men & The Princess Bride to name a few.


We’d watched The Princess Bride again last weekend. The movie and the book are wonderful.

I’m sure the Twitterverse will be awash with inconceivable at hearing this news.


I’m doing a wedding in a couple of weeks and it’s the bride’s fave movie, so I’ll be starting off by delivering some lines a la Peter Cook. Soooo looking forward to the reaction of people who don’t know the movie - they’ll be thinking “why on earth did they get a celebrant with a speech impediment?!”


Hopefully not with Peter Cook as Clive?
As Pete?
As Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling?


Please be Clive…

Edit: I knew a woman from Amsterdam…


One of my best mates was a celebrant with an actual speech impediment. We convinced him to have a few drinks before a wedding once as our line of thinking was it’d calm the nerves. Bad move and let’s just say never again.


should combine it with Rowan Atkinson’s ceremony from Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The holy goat.


awful wedded wife


But wuuuuuv
Twoo wuuuuuv
That dweam within a dweam…


yep, that’s what I’ll be doing! :grinning:


Ha, how I love that song.


Right up there with “Jump, you ■■■■■■, jump”.


I haven’t laughed so much since grandma died.


or since Auntie Mabel got her left………