Celebrity Deaths 2018


And, the Secret Policemen’s Ball ( followed by the Monty Python spin-off, the Secret Policeman’s Other Ball) plus the People versus Larry Flint ( about the US First Amendment) . Free speech was an issue for him after he was exiled from Czechoslovakia.


He was actually the technical advisor for the part, having been a drill sergeant. He was so good that he replaced the actor in the part, left the Marines and lived in the film world.


Must have made that bloke around 43-44 at the time. He played the grizzled old training officer well.


Mary-Jane Rotten-Crotch is inconsolable.


Edit: In poor taste


Night Court was a staple show for me along with Seinfeld during the 90’s.


Had some of the greatest one liners and put downs ever in Full Metal Jacket.


He was classic in Cheers, under-utilised.

That part where he can drink a glass without without touching his hat is one of the best in cheers. And the follow up when Cliff does it makes me laugh every time


Barbara Bush has passed away at 92.


He was the standard against which all Recruit Instructors were measured until we weren’t allowed to hurt recruit’s feelings anymore.


A friend of mine told me, don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not, that he would invent a word (let’s say ‘sploom’) ask if the soldier found that personally offensive, and when the soldier said no he’d shout ‘You’re a ■■■■■■■ sploom!’ in his face.

Edit: And urban dictionary informs me that is in fact a rude word. Just imagine it wasn’t.


There are always ways and means to get around certain rules.

And when all else fails you can just run them until they puke…


lol…far out man - you could have just edited the word!!!


I feel like you could have chosen not to look that up.


Ron Blaskett. . Gerry Gee inconsolable, lost his voice.


massive news for me. Love Craig mack.


Well, you are correct, and it serves me a lesson.
I’ll take great learnings from this.


It’s one we all must learn.
When someone says something has a meaning on urban dictionary, we should ask ourselves, ‘Do i really want to know what that is?’
Almost always the answer is, ‘Nnnnnnnnno. No. I do not.’


Daryl Eastlake, whose commentary in the 500 GP motorcycle racing was, um, not so good really.


I always liked big Darrell