Celebrity Deaths 2019


Still so young


Yeah, I was surprised and more upset than I expected at this.


Have to admit, that was my first thought. Same reaction too


Can’t believe Keith Flint has gone too (as mentioned above).

Took my 16 year old son to see them live at Melbourne Arena last month. They were up and about that show. Back to their best imo.

So sad as he was an integral part of the group with his persona. Liam is the brains behind the music but it wouldn’t be the same seeing them without Keith. :disappointed:


I wanted to fight L Perry in his 90210 days and was even going for the bull in 8 Seconds but still, this is sad news.


You wanted to fight him?


Why does that surprise you?


I guess i’m just curious why.
Does Diggers just not like him or did he ■■■■ Serena or some other reason…


It’s diggers.
Enough said.


Well he did get fired out of a cannon at one stage.


I wanted to fight him because all the girls I knew were in love with him because he was so dreamy and I didn’t look anything like him so I wanted to smash his beautiful face in. It’s perfectly reasonable.


I was not a regular fan of 90210 but was saddened when I read he had had a massive stroke, and I am very saddened to hear/read that he has passed away.

It’s very close for me at this time, and probably will be for a long time.

R.I.P. Luke


I liked him in Jeremiah.


So you couldn’t win them over with your charm and great personality?


It’s diggers.
Enough said.


I won my fair share. More than my fair share some would say.




It’s sad because a couple of teenagers won’t get to spend more time with their dad - who by all accounts was just a really nice guy.


I had to use Google to find out who he was.


I knew who he was because of the hype at the time he was popular. Have never seen an episode of 90210 though and don’t think I could name a movie he was in