Celebrity Deaths 2019


ACA lover. GET HIM!


Helped John Hewson lose the unloseable election.


Heard an interview with Willesee yesterday where he was asked about the Hewson interview. He said the question about the cake came from a producer and he initially didn’t think it was a good question and wouldn’t be of interest to the audience but after thinking about it a bit, he realised that Hewson being an economics nerd wouldn’t be able to resist trying to answer it. He said Hawke, Keating and Howard would have palmed it off but Hewson went there and it changed history.


Very funny and clever actress, RIP. I loved her in Soap btw.

Actress Katherine Helmond, an Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress best known for her role on Who’s The Boss and whose voice would be known to millions of fans of the Cars film franchise, has died at the age of 89.


Oh, I used to like her!


Is that the old bag who would sexually harass Tony Danza’s character?


Cool story m8


l liked her most in Terry Gillam’s ‘Brazil,’ where she played a cougar, to perfection.


One of my all-time favourite movies. Have seen it many times.


Same here, it is in my top 5 of all time faves.



Richard Edward comments again.


yep - she was very good in Soap. Ditzy as all hell but funny.




Not a death this year. But today is the 25th anniversary of John Candy’s death. Absolutely loved him!


25 years FMD!
Where has that time gone


Cannot believe it has been 25 years! I loved him as an actor, we lost him way way too soon.


Keith Flint… gone :cry:


Wow, they were only in Adelaide a month ago.
We had tickets but couldn’t go as we were in Brisbane. One of my favourite all time groups


49!!! That sucks balls.

Big part of the amazng 90’s festival of new and exiting Music.



Luke Perry died today as well. Shocking.