Celebrity Deaths 2019


Thought I was the only one - noone mentioned this show so thought the protagonist may have been someone who looked like him lol


Google told me that show first aired in 1990.
I was in my 30’s and managing a carnival then.
Basically a 24/7 365 day a year job. No time for tv.


I used to get the Luke Perry comparison @Diggers so if it makes you feel better, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

I even changed my life a bit to be more rebellious because of this ■■■■■■■ in 90210, I should of been more like Brandon and he turned out to be ■■■■■■■■ as well, oh well can’t win.


I have sister 2 years younger than me.
The 90210 years I couldn’t escape.
Throw Melrose Place in there also.


I can imagine, exotic women, cocaine, acid, much better than 90210…wait it was our dream


I’m sure he was but I’ll want to fight you as well if you get too serious.


The exotic women came later, and the cocaine and acid earlier.
That was just really hard work, followed by more really hard work, fights, bourbon, bongs, endless miles in large trucks, living in a caravan 10 months a year, and more hard work. Rinse and repeat.
It was great fun though.

Certainly more fun than sitting at home watching 90210


No one knows about this series. I thought it was excellent.


I only saw a few episodes but certainly enjoyed what I watched. His death reminded me of this series and it should easily be available now. Access to TV shows like this was difficult back then.


He wasn’t bad in Oz although his character was hard to like.


Wasn’t he in Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie?


King Kong Bundy


Nice, actually this sort of show was my exit to a more serene hippy type commune living, really was my gateway to exit TV, I finally realised this ■■■■ is not real and go and have some fun your self, but love to hear your stories one day old boot :wink:


He was one of my favs back the day


Yep! Played her boyfriend Pike!


I’ve been wtching Riverdale with my G Daughter. I grew up on Archie comics, so was interested. It’s dark, it’s stupid, it actually takes the pizz out of itself with deliberately corny lines evoked from forerunning stupid poorly written Teen schlock, and vieled rferences back to the Comic books and Cartoon series.

I can’t help it, … I love it. Luke played a small role as Archies Dad, but did it well enough.

Having breached 50, these 2 blokes dropping out of the blue this week at 49 & 52 respectively does give one pause.

RIP, the once undisputed biggest forehead on TV, Luke Perry.


We don’t talk about that.

Actually, large parts of it are good. However, the bad parts are truly awful (particularly Rutger Hauer).


Yeah, but whatserface was rather pleasing on the eye. Not SMG pleasing, but still…


Apparently King Kong Bundy just died