Celebrity Deaths 2019


I had to google this.
Ape? Serial killer? Alcoholic?


Legitimately thought he died 20+ years ago


He was that fat I thought he could drop dead at any minute but he managed to outlive many other wrestlers from that era


Genuinely thought he died years ago as well.


Is George the Animal Steel still alive?
The Iron Sheik?


The 5th Element


The Animal is currently chewing on turnbuckles in Heaven, The Sheik is yet to join him.


Bundy lived as long as he did despite being rather obese because he wasn’t a pain killer or steroid guy.


I’m with the others, I thought he died ages ago, way before Andre the Giant


Andre is dead ???


Only about 25 years ago!


Didn’t he die a few months ago?


Ages ago.


Fark I’m an old man



Somehow BB has missed the passing of Les Carlyon - He’s faculty with words was next level - And he continues the line of the best sporting journalists write about other subjects.


The Shiek is still a legit crazy bastardo.


Is that video of him smoking what appears to be meth still online? Makes for confronting viewing.

Oh, and I loved his pairing with Nikolai Volkov.



5 years ago today.

That went fast!


Joke possibilities, but maybe it’s too soon, and also I won’t out of respect for the celebrities on board.