Celebrity Deaths 2019


Brilliant author. Gallipoli and The Great War are without doubt two of the very best books about Australian involvement in the First World War.


Agreed. I’ve read both multiple times.

He made hard slog through intimate detail incredibly interesting. That’s a skill.


RIP D ick Dale, surf-rock guitarist… most well-known for this (and unfortunately by young 'uns more through being sampled by the appalling Blackeyed Peas…)


He is the reason we had surf music, brilliant guitarist.


A country movie singer has died after a gun in his pocket went off while he was on set shooting a music video. Because you need to be armed when you’re on set.


It’s a shame he’s gone because that would make an awesome country song.


and obviously he did


Sarge Slaughter is still alive and kicking , too.



My dad currently has my copy of Gallipoli, but both books occupy a prominent position on my shelves.


Very nice.

I’m also a fan of Fitzsimmons, especially Tobruk on the right there. Very, very different style, more of a “fill in the historical gaps”, but still based on very thorough research.


Yep, Fitzsimmons is quite different. Even Kokoda is a different read to Brunes “Ba.stard” , which I actually read quite close to each other. Both recommended reads.

Offtopic, Beevors “Stalingrad” and “Berlin” are very good (though keeping track of all the Soviet units and identities is a challenge) but his “Spanish Civil War” I found tough going stylistically.


Paul Preston is the man for all things Franco and Spanish Civil War, although I do have Beevor’s book.


I should dig up a copy. My retention of Spanish Civil doesn’t extend much further than Johns’ Biggles In Spain, lol, despite Beevor’s best efforts.


There’s a really good mini-series made by Granada TV after Franco’s death. I think it’s on Youtube. Called The Spanish Civil War.

You realise there were very few good guys in that war. Even the Republicans, who were the anti-Franco lot, had some very bad friends.

Preston had a lot of books on the subject. I bought two.

Granada TV, not the one of Alhambra fame in Andalusia.


Try Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, for a more detailed analysis, Hugh Thomas’ book. And, if you want romance, For Whom the Bell Tolls.



It painted a picture, for sure.


At the risk of booking up this death thread:


Oi ! It appears you’ve stolen part of my “library” !!


I just posted his Pipeline duet with Stevie Ray Vaughan in the music you have been listening to thread last week. l have been listening to Pipeline for about 60 years, it still sounds good and fresh.

A digression, my favourite title of C & W song, “If you can’t live without me, why aren’t you dead yet?” Great title, but have never heard the song.