Celebrity Deaths 2019

Heartbroken…he’s been with me for so many years.

Do I hear 21 21 21
I’ll give you 21 21 21

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I’m surprised it didn’t get more coverage.

He’s a legend.

A legend and a genius…and, by all accounts, a gentle and self-effacing man.

Let’s pick lilacs for the passing time

I’d never heard of Scott Walker until just now.

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Bruce Yardley died.

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Garry Sidebottom died.

As a footnote. Garry shitmixed a mate (fairly) during an ammos game between Mt Hawthorn West Perth V Maylands in the late 80’s. Took 15 minutes and several doses of smelling salt to wake him.

Get your prostate checked.

The whole genre exists largely BECAUSE of the gang/gun culture.

American rapper is a fairly hazardous occupation, it seems. Terrible state of affairs.

Yeah nah

As the police would say…NHI.

I’m getting old. No idea who these rappers are anymore.

I seriously thought Nipsy Russle was a character in a 60s movie

Veteran British comedian Ian Cognito died on stage yesterday evening during a stand-up performance.

The comic, who was in his early 60s, fell ill during the performance at the Atic bar in the English town of Bicester, 14 miles north of Oxford.
Mold, who was at the venue during the performance, told CNN that Cognito was on stage and “around halfway through his set” when he fell ill. “He sat down, put his head and arms back; his shoulders were twitching,” he said.

Mold said the “audience thought it was part of his set,” as Cognito had spoken about having a heart attack or a stroke only a few minutes earlier.

He added that Cognito had a “flamboyant character on stage,” so his actions “didn’t seem unusual” to the audience to start with.

Mold said Cognito’s fellow comedians realised something wasn’t right after a few minutes and ran onto the stage to offer help. They called for an ambulance, and a paramedic in the crowd began performing CPR while the audience was removed from the hall.

The “Bard of Bunyah” has passed on at 80.

Vale Les Murray. I really enjoyed your work.

In my aunt’s house,
the milk jug’s beaded crochet covertickles the ear.
We’ve eaten boiled things with butter.
Pie spiced like islands,
dissolving in comments, analysis, and meaning.

Congratulations to the link edit for improving the poem.


Terrible news.

Boyz in the Hood is one of the best films of the 90’s

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Game changer.

51!, … that’s fkd.

We’ve lost one that’s close to home today, and known to all Footy lovers I’m guessing 40 and over??

A true Icon, Mike Williamson You Beauty!!, . passed away at the enviable 90 years of age.

Vale Mike,… if only more commentators today were half as good, we’d all enjoy the Footy much more these days.


Iconic footy commentator Mike Williamson dies

Scott Spits

1-2 minutes

Commentator Mike Williamson, pictured here in 1970.

One of the iconic voices of Australian rules commentary, Mike Williamson, has died.

A mainstay at broadcaster Channel Seven, where he started working in the 1950s, Williamson was synonymous with Australian rules on television for years and was responsible for some of the most iconic moments of modern footy commentary.

Most famously, Williamson uttered the phrase “Jesaulenko, you beauty” after Carlton great Alex Jesaulenko took a towering mark during the 1970 grand final.

Williamson celebrated his 90th birthday with other media figures and former players last year.

Footy figures and fellow commentators have taken to social media to pay tribute to Williamson.

“The great Michael Williamson has just left us, as he ventured into his 90s. If you don’t know of him, look him up and you’ll see he was one of Australia’s giant media talents,” Sam Newman said on Twitter.

Channel 10’s Steve Quartermain simply posted a photo of the mark and said: “Vale Mike Williamson. A true legend of AFL commentary. Jesaulenko you beauty!”


Mike dead. “I tipped this.” *

  • Might not be true.

RIP to a ripper commentator.

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