Celebrity Deaths 2019

Yes - I’m delusional.
Because I think an 8’ childish woolley teddy bear that makes the sound of a gagged gimp is a silly sci-fi character.

true to form your carryon is a boomeresque fit.

Ha. Deckam’s cranky because a Wookie piped his girlfriend.

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May the Fourth be with you, Always.

And that goes out to those non-believing Berks as well.

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Can we not put aside all this race hate against the Wookie peoples and instead unite in the true cause here: Race hate against whatever the ■■■■ that Jar-Jar Binks ■■■■ is?


Wow…that’s an epic rant even for you Decks


And after we deal with Jar-Jar Binks, next in line are those miniature Womble things from Return of the Jedi.

The Empire should be ashamed for losing to 3" marsupials armed only with sticks.


Then to borrow Tony Stark’s time machine and head back to “deal with” Princess Leia.

Edit: possibly @Deckham. Plus I find this edit humorously ambiguous.

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I’ve dreamt about this day.

that’s a spoiler

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Kicking a wookie is akin to kicking a dog, according to Luke Skywalker. And I know how you feel about animal abuse, Decks.

It’s not an animal.
It’s a shakespearean (x) actor dressed in a mangy orange teddy bear suit making gimpy sounds.
A little joke for the kids that adults somehow have taken to be a serious thing.

Next you’ll be telling me that ‘ewoks’ are real things.


image https://i.imgur.com/klMnl5G_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium

Get over it

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Our forward line needs an 8 foot wookie right about now

Doris Day has passed away at age 97

wow. it never occurred to me that she was still alive, tbh. just assumed she was long gone.


I liked her. What she did, she did well.

She turned down the role of Mrs Robinson in The Graduate - it would have made it v.interesting.