Celebrity Deaths 2019


My Dad’s favourite actress.
If he were still around, he’d be pretty sad today.


Seymour Nurse, the West Indian batsman of the sixties, died at the age of 86. He had a relatively abbreviated career, but was one of their flotilla of great bats.


I struggle to see Doris Day as Mrs Robinson. Her whole persona was of the pure, chaste-ish blonde.


Did he spend much time in hospital?


exactly why


Not quite. She was an activist on animal welfare and a very good jazz singer -still have my vynil The Early Doris Day.
And, as to the song, Secret Love from Calamity Jane, there is a subtext to the gender of the love - taken up by some to come out of the closet.


They dressed very demurely in those days. But there was always the old joke that there were three certainties in life…death, taxes and nurses.


I suppose it was pretty difficult to seem sexy when she was starring with Rock Hudson.

But I suspect it was that she never stimulated my pubescent hormones…not like Kim Novak or Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth.


She wasn’t sleazy enough for that role.


I don’t think the role was sleazy. She was sexual and wanton.
Doris had a difficult personal life with her relationships giving her plenty for her to draw on. Internet says she she knocked it back as it was against her values.


As in Love me or Leave me


Yeah…that…was she a god-botherer?


The internets tell me God was important in her life.


Comedian Tim Conway has left this mortal coil, 85.


Good old Ensign Parker.


Ahhh…those were good days.
Actually, they were probably ■■■■ days, but I was young and innocent and knew no better.
Loved the Carol Burnett Show - when I was allowed to watch it.


Merda! How old are you?


Bob Hawke, at 89, only a week or so after the big PM reunion.