Celebrity Deaths 2019

What extraordinary timing. I wonder if this has an effect on the poll Saturday?

just saw it, good innings

My first ever vote was for him.


Wasn’t he still skulling beers at the cricket just this past summer?

I’m surprisingly saddened by this. Not sure why but he was such an important figure when growing up in the 1980’s. Plus he went to my old school. Set the bar high. Too high for this latest cohort.

He was a huge figure union movement and the labor party, a true statesman.

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He modernised Australia. It’s hard to comprehend just how important he was to the country’s wellbeing. The right man for the right moment. We take things for granted today but it wouldn’t be the same had he not intervened.

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This is so sad.

I’m at the AIBA’s and it’s criminal that no one has made mention of the passing of Hawke. As someone who lives in the electorate of wills, I am thankful for the work that he did at a federal level in shaping Australia. Vale Bob “yard glass” Hawke.


I’m absolutely gutted.

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Not great news.

I was on the Keating side of that little war they had, but I’m not sure it can be disputed that when they were working together, Hawke and Keating were the strongest leadership team this country ever had.

It’s a pity he didn’t have another three days in him to see his party returned.


As a young country there isn’t too many great Australians that both impacted and inspired us, he was one.


Many people these days remember John Howard as their first prime minister.

Mine was Bob Hawke. One of the great Labor men, and greatest Prime Ministers this country has had. Held Australian values at the core of Social Policy. A true great.


This one really hurts. Vale, Bob.


I grew up in a liberal family but when Bob said anyone who sacks someone for not going to work is a bum when we won the Americas cup, was my my excuse to not go to school was one memorably day in my life!

Loves a beer too, having a few for you Bob tonight!

R.I.P. Bob.

A man of many passions and a great Prime Minister.


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