Celebrity Deaths 2019


We must be of similar age.

Couldn’t agree more.


He’s the one last link to an Australia we will never see again.

That’s why this is bugging me so much



Interesting that these tributes are appearing in a celebrity death thread.

He might have become a celebrity, but he was first and foremost an idealist and committed person who went into politics to promote his beliefs of how a country should be run.

Prior to his departure from political office he was seriously far more important than the “celebrity” character that he might appear to be to some.


I wouldn’t read anything into it beyond Blitz’s vaunted incapacity to post in the correct thread, or keep similar conversation in one thread.


Bringing it back to the celebrity level , I asked why there were so many hermetically sealed tins of tennis balls in the Cabinet room of the old House. It was explained to me that it was because Bob had given up the booze. Can picture him ripping the lids off the tins and chucking balls at the wall when Cabinet MInisters went feral and he was misssing on laying his bets


When I was in 2nd year at uni in the very late 80’s, I did a semester of some meaningless English subject (in the interests of making up the relevant points for the year).

One of the textbooks we had to read was a biography of (the still married at that point) Bob Hawke. It wasn’t a bad read, but the overall tone of the book was one of pure fawning adulation. His positive attributes were highlighted in the minutest of detail. His foibles (womanising, hard-drinking, bad temper, some questionable associates etc.) were glossed over, ignored. It was patently as if the biographer was in love with the man.

The writer in question? One Blanche D’Alpuget…


Can you imagine anyone giving two hoots if one of our politicians from the last 15 yrs passed. We have really gone down hill, they’re too worried about image instead of what’s right for the country.


Wait for the warts and all books, the miniseries, the movie, he will be even more of a celebrity post mortem, that he was post politics, but probably no chance of a star on the footwalk in Hollywood, so star or superstar celebrity is probably not attainable any more.


Would be a state funeral if somebody from Big Brother died though.


I’d be over the moon if Tony Abbott bought it


I’m pretty sure the standard rule once someone falls off the perch is to fawn over how much of a brilliant person they were.

Looking forward to the Ivan Milat version.


The ol’ chasers eulogy song, ehh?


RIP Grumpy Cat



Ok…which one of the Scott twins is that?


Chris, I think. Hard to tell them apart.


I even liked the movie!

Wow. That’s a stronger reaction than Bob Hawke.
I need to check my priorities.


Yeah, but Hawkey was 89, the cat was probably only 10 or 12.


I was going to say Brad,… :thinking: … I’m almost positive that’s the "Roof should be Closed!"scowl.


Nope, just 7 years old. Lid Onners have miserable short lives (or at least that’s what they’re hoping for).