Celebrity Deaths 2019


A strong man maintains his beliefs, even in the face of death.

Particularly someone else’s.


Celebrity movie reviewer Bill Collins has passed away, aged 84.


Wanna tell me your PIN number?


No no.


I enjoyed his Saturday night movies on Channel Ten a lot. So much so we pick a classic/old movie for our Saturday night viewing.


Family ritual from way back in the day.

It used to amuse us no end how, er, “flamboyant” and enthusiastic he was.


He was, but he was genuinely flamboyant and enthusiastic. I think that’s how buffs are.


That’s sad news to hear. I really enjoyed his passion for the silver screen and the tidbits he attached to each of his movie presentations. The golden years seem a little bit further away today. RIP Bill.


I need it to pay for my LPG gas.


l didn’t enjoy his reviews. He raved up the colourized versions of classics, that should have been left in their original form, and gushed about each and every movie, without actually giving any sort of insights into them. He was to movies what Molly Meldrum was to pop music, a paid promoter of product.


Not a celebrity, but a game changer.


One of the great acronyms…

I am chief of Chrysler Corporation America


Certainly not a celebrity, but a legend nonetheless… Stephen “The Ghost” Walker, legendary Triple R DJ here in Melbourne has died. Many hours, especially when I was at uni, were spent listening to his show/s.
RIP great man…


A fair time of my life has been spent listening to him, sad news.


Yep, legend. What a legacy.
That fucken quiz!!


I won the quiz once after several attempts. The winning answer was ‘Gary Young’.

Loved The Ghost and was introduced to tons of stuff I’d have otherwise been unaware of. RIP.


That is sad news. Certainly someone who gave back and enriched others with his passion. He was an inspiring person for me personally. RIP to The Ghost. He’ll live on with me


Was he the guy who was tormented by endless answers of “India” regardless of what the question was?


Nope, that was Graeme Gilbert


Nah, but his quiz was real trainspotter stuff - incredibly hard! He was a real musician’s DJ, scoring extended interviews with people like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and Leonard Cohen. For a person working on an independent, publicly-funded radio station that was no mean feat, and a measure of the regard in which he was held.

He had a sharp tongue on him though. For a little while he did the single reviews in Juke Magazine. Some of the stuff he didn’t like copped a fearful carpet-bagging.