Celebrity Deaths 2023

The Nutbush thing is fascinating to me, if for no other reason then the fact I’d never heard the song until I moved here. I don’t think that was a particularly big hit in the U.S. It’s kinda silly how that’s turned into something they make you do at school, like some kind of standard.

I don’t think it’s a particularly good song myself.


Maybe the best song ever written about male pubic hair.

Honourable mention: Caught by the fuzz by Supergrass.

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Wonder what Tim Cappello wears to a funeral? The man’s never owned a shirt in his life.

Tina Turner always seemed to have a large fan base with males, 40 years and older.

I don’t know many women who love Tina Turner. But, older men will always go nuts over her.

One of the early docos on The Stones, shows Jagger watching a video tape of Tina performing. He sat back in awe, and at the end said something along the lines of, ‘Sometimes it’s nice to see woman perform.’

She was at her best as a performer, singing and dancing ( if not in the rain) and in the cinema. She also inspired so many women in her passage from her role as a submissive to a domineering and violent partner, to taking control of her destiny as an independent in performing and in her life away from the public.


Was about to say that my teenage daughter was shocked to find that Americans didn’t know the dance. So the Australians taught them. In return the Americans taught them a dance for Cotton Eyed Joe.

I think the Nutbush wins that battle by some way.


Uh yeah, that’s not even a contest. Ugh.

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I remember reading A High Wind in Jamaica about 50 years ago. Reminded me very much of Lord of the Flies.

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The AFL will never better this campaign for the NRL.



She gives the microphone a good workout on this track as the Stones opening act at Altamont


we just finished watching “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. Harrowing in parts. Great music though.


In 2020, Turner said that that despite having serious health problems, the last 10 years of her life had embodied her ideal vision of happiness.

”I found happiness because I desire nothing. It’s a happiness I never knew existed. In the past, happiness was, ‘Oh I bought a dress!’ ‘Oh have this car!’ It was all material things. Now I get up in the morning and meditate. Inside, a feeling of wellness where you’re sitting there, just where you want to be. There’s nothing you want.

People think when you’re on stage, that they are your glory days. The lights, the clothes…

They were not my glory days. These, now, are my glory days."

“True and lasting happiness comes from an unshakeable spirit that can shine, no matter what.”


What a beautiful place to be, RIP Tina.


Multi-award-winning songwriter and musician Joy McKean has died at the age of 93, record company EMI has announced.

McKean, the wife and manager of her late husband Slim Dusty, was known as the “grand lady” of Australian country music.

She died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by family on Thursday following a long battle with cancer.


Cynthia Weil, one of the most successful songwriters of all-time, has died at age 82.

Cynthia co-wrote 11 Top 40 hits in 1962 alone, including The Drifters’ On Broadway.
Cynthia hits were all over the radio by the mid-60s. Her hits just from 64 to 66 included:

Walking In The Rain – The Ronettes
Saturday Night At The Movies – The Drifters
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling – The Righteous Brothers
We Gotta Get Out of This Place – The Animals
Its Not Easy – Normie Rowe


Pete Brown, lyricist for some of Cream’s best songs, including Sunshine of My Love.

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This is sad news, coming so soon after the news of the death of Keith Reid. Pete Brown was one of my early song writing heroes along side Jack Bruce, and remained so for a long time. He had his own band for a while, The Battered Ornaments, l had a few of their albums.

Here is something from about 50 years ago, l still love it and listen to it. Even sadder is that Jack Bruce died many years ago and Leslie West has also died.

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