Champions League 2018/19


Forza Juve for you now


Never had high hopes in the CL, at the end of the day our defence is still a shambles and the better sides in the EPL will still destroy us no matter who is in charge


#Pogback sent off.


They still go through don’t they?


This is the Knockout stages. PSG with 2 away goals heading home, they are near certainties to advance…


Yeah brainfart there.


Bye bye Man U


Pogba getting himself sent off gives us next to no chance in the 2nd leg.PSG were just too good, just concentrate of top 4 and FA Cup


Probably works out for the best for Man U - never really a chance to win the CL but are still right in the running for Top 4 and FA Cup.

Getting both of those would be a very successful season considering where they were at the start of December.


Finishing in the top 4 is a trophy itself.


Man U supporters - good to see you opening your arms and welcoming in mediocrity. From personal experience it’s not all bad but it does grate after a while.


Yep, welcome Man U to the world of Arsenal


I think we can handle a few years of mediocrity. Maybe if it gets to Liverpool’s drought length I’ll get concerned


It’s the creep effect that you need to worry about. It just sneaks up on you and he next things it’s been 10,15, 20 years…


Gee, that sounds a lot like my AFL team :sob:


Lucky you haven’t had to experience it on two fronts!


Spurs take the lead


1 - 1 between Real and Ajax


Spurs putting Dortmund to the sword at the moment


Beautiful stuff.