Champions League 2018/19




VVD and Becker may have each been the most expensive signings in their respective positions, ever - but I’d still classify them as bargains. They are both immense and no way we are through in CL or undefeated in the prem without them.


Will not happen but I’d like to draw Porto.
We are due something a little bit kinder.
Thing is apart from Porto there is nothing kind left.


Unfortunately you can’t draw us!
Every club that is a chance of playing us will be praying to get us


Fair effort by Spurs to get through, I was thinking they may have been with us in EL but not to be.


Borussia Dortmund. Bugger. They’re in much better form then when we last played them.


Liverpool just got Bayern.


Schalke (GER) v Man. City (ENG)
Atlético (ESP) v Juventus (ITA)
Man. United (ENG) v Paris (FRA)
Tottenham (ENG) v Dortmund (GER)
Lyon (FRA) v Barcelona (ESP)
Roma (ITA) v Porto (POR)
Ajax (NED) v Real Madrid (ESP)
Liverpool (ENG) v Bayern (GER)


Liverpool v Bayern Munich. Avoided Juve and Barca so not a bad result. Other match-up were:

Man City v Schalke
PSG v Man Utd
Barca v Lyon
Dortmund v Spurs
Roma v Porto
Real Madrid v Ajax
Juventus v Atletico Madrid


City got KOTD!
Schalke are worse than us if that’s possible.

Winners for me:
City 7-1 on agg
PSG 5-2 on agg
Barca 3-1 on agg
Dortmund 2-1 on agg
Porto 2-2 win on Pens
Real 5-3 on agg
Juve 2-1 on agg
Bayern 1-1 win on pens


Bayern have fallen a fair way from what they were a few years back, haven’t they?


Yeah but they are still a side to contend with in the CL and know how to grind out results.
Liverpool were pretty average in the group stage and I think Bayern can take them


Fair enough.


PSG the winners out of the draw.


City to make things interesting.
Have offered to play blindfolded.
Still confident of getting through though.


But Liverpool have a great record in the CL/European Cup


PSG all over Man U at the moment


Very scrappy game with not a lot of chances so far. Don’t think either side would be happy with the first half


Played on the counter from both sides at the moment.


In trouble now