Champions League 2018/19


so-so performance by my Real. Ajax pressed like crazy in the first half and frankly were unlucky to not score (one goal overturned by VAR). Ultimately Real’s class showed through. Vinicius with yet another assist to Benzema and a brilliant cameo by Asensio.


And here is the response to my post above:


Dortmund are steaming pile of sh-t.


This is all Inter’s fault.


That was a massive result for Spurs, did anyone see that coming? I sure didn’t.


Dortmund were on top first half, but Son’s goal really changed the mindset of both teams.


Lol. A bit premature I think.

Although looking at that performance, when they were sans Neymar et al, there’s clearly a fair bit of work to do with the young blokes yet.

Give Gunnar a few years with them & then we’ll see if we need to resign to settling in for some sufferance.


lol Arsenal concede in the final minute of the first half to Bate



Funny tweet I saw posted on Facebook and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it - “Arsenal can’t even master Bate on Valentines day”.


That was a terrible result for Arsenal, did anyone see that coming? I sure didn’t. :frowning:


C’mon, that’s classic Arsenal.

Toothless in the final third as usual.

To Bate’s credit they sat very deep and compact and allowed Arsenal no space to work in though.

Which is our kryptonite unfortunately.


I did not think we would lose to the powerhouse that is Bate Borisov.


Yeah, at the start of the presentation they compared the squad values :grinning:

550 mil v 10mil

Cant see Bate being that small value but obviously there would be a huge gap in value


I’m not surprised, the Europa League throws up some random results. A team like Arsenal, that have struggled of late going out to Belarus, probably had to catch multiple flights to get out there. I didn’t see the game but it wouldn’t surprise me if the pitch was in poor condition. Did they put out a full-strength team? Really Arsenal should do the business at The Emirates in the 2nd leg…


BATE would absolutely be that small.
Fantastic result for them but I think Arsenal might crush them at the Emirates


The pitch was in horrible condition. Very patchy.


Wouldn’t surprise we smash them at home either. We still play well there.

Should have put it to bed this morning though rather than invite pressure.


This is what will happen in the second leg.

Arsenal will start Ozil and win 3-0. He’ll get two assists and a goal - then every will be on Emery as to why he doesn’t play him.

Ozil will then play against Spurs and will be completely invisible.


You forgot to add that when Ozil is completely invisible against Spurs he will be held accountable for the team losing.


Scoreless in the 1st Leg between Liverpool and Bayern Munich at Anfield. Had enough decent chances to get a goal, but overall very happy we kept a clean sheet given we had a makeshift CB partnership between Matip and Fabinho with VVD suspended and Lovren and Gomez injured. All to play for at the Allianz Arena!