Champions League 2018/19


Both games finished 0-0 this morning. Liverpool v Bayern was a pretty good spectacle with Liverpool just shading the contest for mine. I don’t see Bayern holding them scoreless over two legs so give Liverpool a good chance of going through. Barca absolutely belted Lyon but couldn’t find the back of the net. Was 25 shots to 5 and Lyon were at home!
Would fully expect Barca to make thempay in the return leg


We can’t score atm - we’ll have to hope for a 0-0 all draw and win by penalties. Have not won a CL game away this season - does not bode well at all for Liverpool.


Had to be handball. Anything else would have been cheating.


Schalke have taken lead 2-1


Even VAR is helpless against the dark arts of Italian defending :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Cracking goal from Sane from a free kick.

Scores level 2-2


Fair effort from City


Not good enough again when it matters, I really think Allegri should be moved on


Starting to think that too


I wish Juve thought that last season, he could have been at Arsenal now.


Chelsea finally score.

Very nice goal set up by a beautiful Kante run and finished off by Giroud.


Arsenal though easily.

No real surprises, just Real Betis losing 3-1 at home to be knocked out


Ajax put 2 past Real Madrid in under 20 mins
Now lead 3 - 2 on aggregate. Boy oh boy


Looks like we’re parking the bus in our match. Hoping to come out of it with a 0-0 result or only go down by a goal.


Or we could just score…


Ajax 4-1 up at Real.
Solari is getting sacked in the morning!!!


It’s like the Ajax of old. Glad to see them be competitive again in Europe. One of my fav teams to watch


So good! ■■■■ Real Madrid!


Thinking Dortmund don’t like playing us.


Haha Real Madrid, no Ronaldo = no Madrid