Champions League 2018/19


Can’t wait to see what they do from here. ■■■■■ a heap of money in the transfer market, reappoint Mourinho and watch them implode!


Or pursue VVD…


1,000 days as Champions. It all ended tonight.

Perez needs to decide what to do with the absolute truck-load of cash he is sitting on. Build the vanity version of the Bernabeu OR go get Neymar / Mbappe, Erickson, Hazard etc.

Ultimately, this club has the UCL running through its veins. Getting humiliated will get a response.

But stay the ■■■■ away from Mourinho.


Had a decent run :slight_smile:


Shout out to that cheat Sergio Ramos.

  1. Game the system so you are carded out of the next match (because meh - it’s only Ajax in Madrid and we scored two away goals).

  2. The team now missing its captain proceeds to be humiliatingly turned over by Ajax who score four through a defence eviscerated by the self-inflicted absence of said captain.

  3. Have a documentary team film your reaction to the capitulation live at the game from your VIP box.

Marvellous thing that karma.


He’ll be crying into his 2 x Euro titles, 1 x world cup, 1 x U19 world cup, 4 x La Ligas and 4 x champions leagues, 2 x Copa Del Rey, 3 x cup winners’ cups, 4 x club world championships and 8 x UEFA team of the year shirts.

What a loser!


Who said anything about him being a loser? Just enjoying a player I have little respect for having a VERY ■■■■ day.


Pretty poor defending early from both Man U and PSG.



Cmon Roma and PSG!!


Have been dominated but 2-1 up at the break thanks to a couple of defensive lapses


Pen to United in injury time


Get the Fark in!!!


yeah boi


Get rid of VAR, it’s absolutely embarrassing. That’s not what it’s designed for…


Stick to being kings of your junk league PSG


Lol all the players were ready for a corner, no appeal for a penalty and the ref goes and reviews it.


Get in


I get the use of VAR if someone is a metre offside or a player gets blatantly chopped down in the area, but for decisions like that, all it’s really done is turn a marginal call one way to the other. Personally I don’t think a continuous game like football is the game for the use of such technology. Cricket and tennis yes because there are natural breaks in play, like the end of each point/delivery bowled.


That’s the problem with the review systems. They are all just to clean up the howlers but the refs/umpires always look further, it’s human instinct.



I had a bit of hope, but I did not see that coming.

If they don’t get Ole signed within 48 hrs, they are bigger fools than we ever thought.