Champions League 2018/19




They’ve broken records and done it with ten players in the squad unavailable. Fair achievement.


It looks like Ole’s last minute heroics as a player in European competition will continue on as a manager as well.


It looked to me like the ball came off the defender’s ■■■■ before hitting his arm.
Can’t really see how he can be pinned for that.

Still, all 3 goals essentially down to PSG mistakes. First one was a beautiful through ball!


That ref better not visit any embassies in Dubai anytime soon


Ole ole ole ole ole

Just give him the job


Hello Mr. Mbappe, hello Mr. Neymar. Fancy some jamon & chorizo? Madrid is wonderful this time of year :wink:


All English quarter final coming up!


Liverpool v Man U


And Spurs get knocked out by Barca




When was the last time 4 English teams made it to the Quarter Finals?


Aww come on, don’t go spoiling a lame joke with your superior geographical knowledge.

Now I feel stoopid


Back to back in 07/08 and 08/09


You hope. I am confident that we will go through…


United are the first team in the history of the CL to go through after losing the first leg at home by 2 goals


be still my beating chub


Disgraceful. Asked my manager if I could leave work early because I was absolutely seething when I saw the result. Thought 1-1 all at half time that should have been it. Still fuming now.


penalty, can’t leave your arm out like that when you’re trying to block a shot.


Shame they’re never paid against Man Utd…