Champions League 2018/19


A liverpool fan complaining about penalty decisions? World has gone mad


I’m happy for The United faithful around here.
Great effort.

Looking forward to getting Porto in the quarters.


just gonna be honest, i ■■■■■■■ hate psg with a passion.

the ■■■■■■■ good will that built on slavery club was getting was sickening. add neymar to the mix and they can go ■■■■ themselvs.


Lukaku celebrating in front of that big eared freak Di Maria was awesome


Finally watched the highlights of Ajax v Real, the Bernabeu was full of Ajax fans!

You watch the goals they scored at both ends of the ground and there are small clusters of Ajax fans everywhere on ground level amongst the home fans wildly celebrating.

Crazy to see that many away fans get away with infiltrating the home sections.


I thought that too…just goes to show how far Real Madrid have fallen this year. The video of the 4th Ajax goal filmed by the Ajax fans is quality viewing though!


Has any decision that has been referred to VAR ever not been overturned? It’s inevitable that as soon as the referee runs over to his screen the original decision is going to be changed. Is it because everything looks worse in slo-motion or the centre referee doesn’t want to make his video mates look bad and say “nah, nothing there?”


Arsenal pretty much no hope in Europe now.



Got the away goal though and only playing a French team. Would be even money I reckon at least


Not without Sokratis.

Mustafi will most likely pair with Kos and that to me is advantage Rennes.


Can see them winning 2-0 at home


Fkn Epic.


Yeah nah - we ain’t beating Bayern Munich.


You’ll get the away goal


We don’t look like scoring atm against the better organised teams. 0-0 against Man Utd, Everton and Bayern Munich. We somehow put 5 past Watford who are our bunnies - conceded 15 in their last 3 games at Anfield. And our away record in Champions League is three out of three losses. We’ve played horribly after extended breaks - this group of games is after the second extended break that we have had.




They might play ■■■■ against other teams but they go up another level defensively when they play Liverpool. Should have been 2 nil all draws too this season if not for a jammy goal from a Pickford error.



The King lives!!


Juve back to 2 - 2 on aggragate. You guessed it, Ronaldo with both goals