Champions League 2018/19


City 6-0 up at home



It’s giving me shivers re: them dropping any PL points. I can’t see it now. They are bossing sides.


Juve in front


Ronaldo you absolute champion!!!


Ronaldo hat-trick. Machine.


Please don’t draw United next. Leave that for the final please!

Ronnie’s taunt of Simeone capped off the day


Cmon Juve!!! Mr champions league does it again


CR7 wowzza!

King of UCL.

Interesting to heard Zizou’s answer when asked if Ronaldo would come back to Real next year. For what its worth, I don’t think there is anyway that happens…


Was that a penalty?

Pretty soft.


Soft as but if you put your hands in to the back of a player you are asking for it


I agree but that was even softer than the Fred one from the other day and that I thought was soft.

I thought he took a dive personally.


The pen against Fred was there as much as it hurts me to say it.
Today’s one on Bernardeschi was a pen aswell. Hands in the back and on one camera angle you clearly see Vitolo’s left leg clip Bernardeschi’s ankle. Even the slightest clip at that pace is enough to fall


Fair enough.

I only saw the one angle from behind and I couldn’t see him clip his ankle.

I think the Fred one was technically there but I would be happy if they are waved on also.

Lacazette is not somebody that dives though so there was certainly force in taking him down.


And that is why you spend 100 mil to get that man to Juve.





Aceman is on a golden run in the champions league with his team’s.

Any other Man U/Juve posters?


Pool up 1-0. No idea what Neuer was doing there.


Massive error in judgement from Neuer


Looked like they pressed the triangle button like on FIFA…