Champions League 2018/19


VVD scores.

Liverpool should be safe now.


Mane scores again to finish them off.


Liverpool were superb today.
Think City will actually enjoy Liverpool going through aswell


A man city vs Liverpool quarter final would be brilliant.


I think City would prefer them to be fighting 2 fronts for as long as possible


About to watch the replay now. Read a decent quote before.

“75% of the Earth is covered with water. The other 25% is covered by Virgil Van Dijk”. :laughing:


He’s a beast.

He’s not even super quick or anything but just reads the game well and knows the angles.

Top player.


Fantastic result. 2018/2019 Mane is channeling 2017/2018 Salah. Unstoppable at the moment.

Yeah, nah. Porto, please.


Think he will be heavily targeted by Real at seasons end. Was listening to the BBC yesterday and they had a Spanish reporter on and they were talking about Real Madrid and mentioned that Zidane has been promised 500 million if that’s what it takes to overhaul the squad and that De Gea, VVD, Mane and Eriksen top the list.


The Reds will improve his terms to fend off interest from Real, though. He is easily our most important/valuable player now.


Hardly anyone turns down Real. They nearly always get their man and will offer absolutely crazy money. Zidane is on a mission


Meh, cross that bridge if/when we get to it. Your source is a Spanish reporter, though. Hardly reliable.

Anyway, am 20 mins into the Reds vs Real replay. 0-0 and a ho-hum start by both teams. Hendo went down twice in the first 12 mins and was subbed off for Fab. Lewandowski fell over in the box and exaggerated contact from VVD looking for the penalty. Back to it.


Clever goal by Mane. Beat the keeper and multiple defenders.


Not sure what the keeper was thinking.


Didn’t trust his defenders?


Dumb by Robertson to pick up a yellow in the dying minutes when the game was done and dusted. Will cost him the first leg of the quarters.
City will get Porto next round you just know it.
Wouldn’t be surprised if we get Barca.
Liverpool v Spurs anyone ??


A few yellow cards. Matip copped one. Is playing angry. Own goal and blamed Andy for his man slipping in behind him. Can’t stand that flog Rodríguez. Dirty little player.

Edit: Lovely corner from Milner and authoritative header from VVD. And an even better flick cross from Salah to Mane for his brace and the Reds 3rd goal.


I’d rather see Milner at LB than Moreno in the 1st leg. Not bothered by who we get in the quarters. VVD is the best footballer in the world.


Cristiano says hi!