Champions League 2018/19


Is he next round picked out of a hat? I have a sneaky feeling everyone is trying to avoid Liverpool, Barca included. They are very dangerous.


Agreed. I don’t want Alberto starting. Bench at best. Contract almost up, so he will be shipped off soon enough.


From a United POV my Oder of who to avoid would be:
1- Barca
2- City
3- Juve
4- Liverpool
5- Spurs
6- Ajax
7- Porto

And FWIW I doubt we could get past any of those top 4


Hope it’s Juve vs Utd - it at least guarantees at least one of the teams that I intensely dislike will fark right off.


Yeah but it means one is guaranteed of a spot in the semis :rofl:


When’s the draw


I know. :joy: My preference would be they both get knocked out by playing different teams; don’t think I could handle the risk of both of them getting through to the semis though, hence my thought process.


Usually around 8pm Friday nights.
They do the CL and EL same night


I want Liverpool or City.


You won’t get past either…


lets be honest, we are going to win the whole thing anyway. But it would be sweet to knock out one of our major rivals.

I would rate us as a 50/50 against Liverpool.

20/80 against City

Liverpool at Old Trafford on a European night, Manu at anfield on a european night…oh baby!!!


I would want Liverpool vs United because the EPL thread would go off.


Actually would like to see the possibility of as many English teams in the semis similar in 2005-2009. Always made the EPL more interesting as things went down to the wire, plus all the other leagues are pox.


What’s Brexit going to do to the EPL?

British economy will probably suffer…immigration rules strengthen…


Players who will want to go to English clubs will need to get work visas. And it is based on the number of internationals they have played as well.

Plus other stuff, certainly wont be good for the EPL, but it is unlikely Brexit will go through


Big call.

Every chance.


Fingers crossed Man City and Barcelona aren’t paired together.

Save that quality for the Semi’s or Final.


I only just noticed this thread, awesome!


I just want to see this to understand exactly which team means more to @Aceman!


Haven’t looked at the odds but I am guessing that an English team winning would be very short priced. You also would have made amazing money correctly predicting the make up by country of the last 8. No German or French team and only one Spainish team in itself would have paid 1000 to 1.