Champions League 2018/19


United always comes first.


Gunners looking the goods early


Auba scores a third for the gunners and pulls out a Black Panther(?) mask



That result was always likely. Didn’t see any of it but I would’ve though that Rennes would’ve parked the bus but seeing Arsenal scored so early in the game they had to them score themselves…



We play City.


City vs Spurs
Ajax vs Juve
Barca vs United
Liverpool vs Porto


Winner of City vs Spurs will play the winner of Juve vs Ajax


Very happy with that draw for Liverpool. Porto with the winner to play the winner of United and Barca.




Poor Arsenal copped Napoli in Europa


Lol Europa.


probably going to regret posting this when we are 3-0 down at home against porto but some people have way too much time on their hands


Just new we would cop Barca


You won’t be saying that next year :blush:

#380 Tottenhan’s New stadium everybody…


Lol spurs


We always seem to do it the hard way


Not the end of the world.
Dont mind playing a raging hot favourite who is carrying the weight of expectation to progress.
If we go out to City it’s not like it was unexpected.
Obviously don’t want to get hammered but Poch sort of gets s free hit with this tie.