Champions League 2018/19


I’m sure you will be saying enough for everybody around here to compensate.


Just a bit of good natured ribbing :blush:


Just end me fam.


Juve vs City will be an epic semi final


At some point you’ve gotta come up against the big guys. Might be a chance to work out and eek a decent result in the EPL fixture two days after the second leg.


Yeah righto. farrrk orrf.


Always interesting to see the Liverpool roaches coming out of the woodwork.


Interesting how little chat there was in the premier league thread pre Christmas…


Barnz is still salty with me when I made a comment about Man Utd supporters, just trying to get one back on me I suppose. :wink:


There was chat. We are cactus, not going to deny it. I discount anyone’s comment whenever they say Manure like a 12 year old. It would be if I was to start saying Loserpool every single time. Tiresome.


also the people that have been on blitz for decades that have just gone ‘■■■ i love liverpool’.



There was plenty of chat pre-Christmas. Was still more Man U than Liverpool even with our poor start


Unlikely to affect the EPL. Guys with the big names get the work permits.

Championship and down, probably makes it harder to get guys in from the poorer euro nations.


Liverpool couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Deflection from a Porto midfielder ends up in the back of the net after 4 minutes.




Dreamstart to Liverpool.

Firmino scores 2-0


Surprised you’re not watching the other game.


COYS!!! 1-0


Son just brilliant



I cant stand watching that flog Kane

I’m sure you have worked that out already though :blush: