Champions League 2018/19


Won’t have to worry about that. Off injured apparently…


Yep, ankle it seems


Spurs have an exorbitant amount of punchable heads.

Kane and Alli are standouts.


Liverpool 2 - 0 Porto
Spurs 1 - 0 Man City

Both ties by no means over.



Hell of an effort.
Will probably get done in the second leg but that was ■■■■■■ great considering we lost Harry.


Godsend? You seem to be playing better without him.


Alli was nursing his wrist also, could it be back to the start of the year with those two out?


So City and Liverpool will go through


No way - It’s a body blow.
We need to get an away goal in the next leg and he scores many.


Great post man.
As always - really insightful stuff.


Can’t decide who I want to win except **** Barca. And, by association with Guardiola, no way to City.

Liverpool? Maybe.

Spurs? Good mate of mine is a Spurs tragic so yeah.

Juventus? I lost one of my closest mates and he was a Juventus fan so that’s probably my pick.


It’s not something I enjoy saying Sammy.

Just calling it as I see it.


Nice to see Keita finding some late season form. Confidence building, with so much at stake for the Reds.

And I trust the Spurs will carry confidence out of defeating City in the CL into their PL match still to come. A win/draw would be most helpful & appreciated.


Ajax v Juve and Man U v Barca tomorrow morning.


Very good result from Spurs. If they can nick an away goal they are a real chance of progressing.
Liverpool are as good as through


He’s getting there. Will be far better next season having had a year to adjust to English football. Love his dribbling.


You mean inciteful Sammy!


Its just a we bit of fun :grinning:


Arsenal fans are Arseholes! There…I’ve said it.


'Reckon a Spurs fan exists that can actually take a bit of bantz ?