Champions League 2018/19


There’s not much banter! Just knobends being knobends.


Some Blitzers can be arseholes,


Pretty tough crowd in here.


Sammyhager and fogdog are good sports, always up for a joke even at their own teams expense


For sure.
Nothing wrong with giving a bit back though.

Or are you telling me there is?


I’m not telling you anything chief


Also: Ronaldo


Cool and I’m glad I could fill you in with regards to your question.


So whens the DVD for the 1-0 going to get released?


Good one man.
Love the banter.


That should have been in.



Ronaldo again 0-1


Barcelona likely to have a 1 nil advantage going to Camp Nou.

Man U have worked hard but lacked the cutting edge in the final third.


Whilst disappointed it was a far better result than I expected. They are light years ahead of us


Not a bad effort considering Pogba didn’t play.


Disagree. Barca were trash and Man Utd the better team. It pains me to say it but you will get through to next round - 50/50 whether you play Porto or Liverpool though.


Frustrating game really. Plenty of attack, but not enough composure to set up the shots.

McTominay fantastic, as was Fred. Pogs was a ghost in the 2nd half, and didn’t do a lot in the 1st,


I meant more in general terms. Barca are a far better side than us in reality and would beat us 9 out of 10 times IMO.


Thought, or rather hoped, the same thing when Urd played both Juve and PSG away this year in Champions League.


The only chance they had was to take a lead to Spain and do a Mourinho, park the bus, waste time, etc and just not lose. Now they have to force the issue to an extent. It is only one goal and 1-0 to United takes things to extra time and from there anything can happen, but you know Barca will own the ball, so playing with 30% possession on the counter when you’re chasing a result is hard work.