Champions League 2018/19


Very disappointing and I believe Spurs are in for a tough season - oh well at least we defeated Man Untied earlier in the Premier League which is like beating Carringbush on Anzac Day!


Spurs to drop to Europa League and play Arsenal in the final.

That’d be fun.


My money on the Gunners!!!


My money is on us winning at home against Inter and PSV and qualifying for the next round.
We actually played our best game today in ages.
Hugo had a brain fade and we should have had a goal stand which was flagged.
I’ll back us in against both those teams at home.

Will get pumped by City on Tuesday though.
They look in mint condition leading into this one.


What a disaster for Liverpool. Going to go down to the wire now but it’s going to be tough to get out of the group now.


No the disaster is currently taking place at Wembley.


Red Star played some decent football today. I’d still expect Liverpool to get out of that group with Napoli missing out


Spurs in all sorts. Need to atleast find and equaliser to stay alive.
As it stands they don’t even fall back to the EL


Kane with the equaliser


And the winner


Still alive.


Yep, should atleast make EL now.
Still can’t see you getting out of the group but the most important thing is you are still alive.
Anything less than a win against Inter and it’s over though


Barcelona might rest a few at home in the last game.
They might.


If you don’t beat Inter you are out so the Barca fixture won’t even enter the equation


Inter will do spurs and make it out of their group and I think Napoli will get out of their group. PSG and Pool to fight it out for the second place


Yep - This is very true.

I think today although not the toughest of opposition will be a good thing getting that win.
I expect to beat Inter.


Trying to think of a player who I hate more than Ramos. Seriously would love for someone to butcher the ■■■■■ leg and end his career. Dirty ■■■■






Holy crap!!!