Champions League 2018/19


Geez man


Holy crap Leo




Punished for shutting up shop


Massive 3 points. We’ll probably bottle it against Valencia, need to ensure we get 3 points and GD against young boys


@Aceman will be conflicted, but my suspicion is that Juventus are his true love.


Not at all. United first and foremost but the funny thing is I’ve attended more Juve games than United games in my lifetime.
Very happy with the result but not the display.


CR7, man.



Couldn’t believe it when I woke up and heard the result. Great win, massive 3 points. Loved jose’s Reaction to the fans at the end!


Jose is a ■■■■ head


Jose just doing what you expect him to do. Same with the Juve fans. They should of been giving ■■■■ to an ex Inter scumbag all game.


I was in the ‘Messi better than Ronaldo’ camp for a long time… starting to waiver…


Exactly. The fans would have been getting into him all game so nice for him to give a bit back


Biased of course but I’ve always been in the Ronnie camp


CR7 > Messi


You know who’s highlights I stumbled across on YT the other day…Ricardo Kaka… what a player he was.


they were shouting all sorts of disgusting abuse at him during both legs- he is well within his rights to have a go back


Italians shouting abusive ■■■■? At a soccer game? I never


I don’t care that fans yell hurtful abuse at opposition players and officials, but they have to be able to cop it back when it gets dished to them. It’s the same ■■■■ when a player puts his finger to his lips when he scores away. You dish it out, you need to be able to cop it too