Champions League 2018/19


The Manchester Derby should be interesting this week.


We will get absolutely mauled.


Haven’t got much support around here but I’m the one backing you guys to turn things around.
That doesn’t mean you will win the title but it’s a long season and I’m old enough to know Man U and I reckon wins like today give u guys a springboard.


Just watched the vision of mourinho, that is the fkn best.

The look on his face when he’s cupping his ear still makes me laugh now thinking about it.


Today merely papered over the cracks.
It was 22 shots on goal to 4 at one stage and we never looked like scoring until Mata hit that free kick. Juve should have been atleast 2 or 3 up and then stupidly shut up shop towards the end.


Yeah, all good fun. He didn’t do anything wrong IMO


It was like he was pulling a pirates face LOL


I really hope he doesn’t start Lukaku up front, we have looked so much more dangerous up front with more nimble guys. Hopefully Sanchez is fit to play up front


Not sure where the other thread is for the Europa League and other European leagues but Welbeck has dislocated his ankle in a very bad way. Could be career threatening


The way he plays football should be career threatening enough.


Were you there mate? Guy is a flog, he took the shine off a massive win for his club and made it all about himself.


He did nothing wrong. No rants, no abuse, he just simply cupped his ear towards the crowd. It’s all theatre. Knowing what the Juve fans are like I’d bet they were getting into him all day and most of it wouldn’t be fit to post on here. The absolute hatred for Inter and anyone associated with them is very real


I just think there was no need for it, gracious in victory and gracious in defeat.
Agree to disagree


When people are chanting things like son of a ■■■■■ etc, they deserve everything they cop back


You’s still talking about this


It’s a massive beat up IMO.


Meh, I still think he’s a ■■■■ and could’ve handled himself like pro and not like an amateur coaching Brunswick Zebras. But others are right, time to move on


i love how souness was going on about how mourinho could’ve started a riot and he had to keep his emotions in check because the fans and juve players were getting emotional.

from the ■■■■ that planted a flag in turkey.

also ■■■■ juve fans.


Souness is a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and the fact he gets paid for his ■■■■■■■ stupid thoughts speaks more about the fuckwits paying him.


Juve fans are great but like most Italian fans they can get very nasty and personal with their abuse towards the opposition.