Champions League 2018/19


Thinking about getting up for the 4am start here in Singapore. Might be tough though and my life may be in question should my wife or kids kids wake up!!


Ha. Muzzle yourself, man. :laughing:

I hear ya. The little fella has a mini-marathon event at his primary school tomoz (only 1-2km), so I don’t wanna disturb his rest. I just sat him down before and delivered the big ‘winning isn’t important’ lecture. Thought he was gunna slap me. Had better not disturb his rest early tomoz, but I’ll be watching in bed with the headphones on & thinking that winning is everything. :wink: The missus may need to strategically place an extra pillow between us.

Go the Reds!


Liverpool 2-0 down before HT in Paris. Getting rinsed down the right hand side. Playing Gomez at RB ahead of Trent may have been a mistake. Looking very ordinary in midfield…


Very real possibility Liverpool won’t get out of the group now


This is The Champions League Thread.
You have been given the wrong directions.
It’s The Championship Thread that you are after.


Pulled one back just before HT, Milner from the spot. 2-1.


Spurs take the lead. Makes things interesting


Spurs home.




Finishes 2-1 PSG. Liverpool now need to beat Napoli by 2 goals at Anfield to progress past the group stages…


All Italian sides are experts in bus parking so will take a pretty special Liverpool effort to break them down.

Spurs will more than likely need to beat Barca away to go through but a draw could be enough


Not til August next year!


Don’t think we are going through but stranger things have happened and at least now we have given ourselves a shot.


A 1-0 win gets us through as well. Disappointing result.


Losing to PSG in Paris is no disgrace, but the loss to Red Star could be critical in the wash-up. Just that result alone would’ve made it very hard for PSG to qualify if we took 3 points. Now we must win against Napoli by 2 clear goals (in the event that PSG beat Red Star, which is pretty much a nailed-on certainty, I’m pretty sure head-to-head result v Napoli would be the tie-breaker. Given they won 1-0 in Naples, to be head of them on that we have to win by 2)…


1-0 will get you through


Napoli will be very tough to get a win against


Its going to end up being Real v Juve at some point isn’t it? Bet CR7 is planning on it.


Inter are caca


Napoli aren’t much better.
Going to be a very good day for the EPL sides by the looks