Champions League 2018/19




And on cue Icardi scores to equalise and send some nerves through Spurs


The Reds are 1-0 up vs Napoli & 20+ mins away from reaching the next stage of the CL. The man of the moment, Salah, scored a quality goal in the first half.


■■■■ this is nerve jangling!


Mane should have done better off Andy’s cross then.


Ha. Yeah, my guts are churning. Hurry up full time.


Spurs equalise


Lucas Moura scores for Spurs. Barring any late drama in that game and PSV and Inter, they will progress to the knockout stages.


Mane again.


Inter are CACA


Without even waiting for the draw I’d say City will get through, Liverpool may depending on opponent and both United and Spurs making up the numbers no matter their opponents


I would turn gay for Alisson. Reds through 1-0!


Reds through. You ripper!


■■■■ YEAH!


That gif was fine. Why did you delete it, Smooth?

Fine games from Salah, TAA, Milner, & of course, Alisson. Mane had a stinker, missing three relatively easy shots on goal, but who cares - they got the job done.


I couldn’t see it, so I thought it wasn’t working.


Link only, but it works.


We needn’t rock up then.
You seem to know how everything is going to pan out as per usual.


No chance of progressing they said!!!



Well we are crap and history shows that Spurs aren’t up to it so that’s where my money will be going. If I’m wrong so be it, the worst that will happen is I blow a couple of hundred on it